Anyone watching this reality-based show?

It’s on Spike, I believe. It’s basically a show about the operation of a mine, and the miners that go into the mountain.

It’s actually pretty interesting, and has generated a bunch of questions that I’ll need to find answers to.

But this question is about the show itself. They splice interviews of miners between segments of the show. In each of these segments, the miners faces are covered with soot, except for where they might have goggles on.

Two things I’ve noticed.

  1. in most shots, the guys are not using eye protection or goggles at all.
  2. some of the guys look like they’ve had goggles put on and coal dust sprayed on their faces before they go on TV. It looks a bit too perfect.

The truth is, these guys are filthy, so I don’t know why they’d bother painting on fake coal dust, but maybe it looks better than real dust.
Anyone else watching the show? What do you think?

I think I’d be claustraphobic. 3 to 3.5 feet ceilings are not easy to work under. And that’s the best it gets. So for an entire shift, these guys are under the ground without the ability to stand up straight. That would suck!