Coca-Cola Torture

This column talked about the Coca Cola company and murder in Columbia. I remember someone telling me a tale many years ago about how in Mexcan jails the cops would get confessions by tying someone to a chair, tipping it back, and repeatedly shaking up a bottle of Coke and jetting it up the suspect’s nose. As the story went, Mexican crooks who were wise to this method knew that it was so painful that the mere sight of a Coke bottle in a police station would have them confessing to the crucifixion.

Anybody know the real deal?

The movie Traffic included this scene, except that they used a pepper solution. It’s been used with variations in many other fictional accounts of torture as well.

Is it real? Could be. The passages are delicate and we all know what it’s like to get a carbonated beverage up the nose. But I don’t think Coke is a particular torture tool. Just the opposite; Coke is a name that gets attached to anything pejorative.

Gee, I’m always hearing stories about how good it is to put coke up your nose :smiley:

I found this thread and website for the first time on Google. Rewatching Dexter and on season 3 someone is getting tortured by having a beer shook and sprayed up the nose. Is this really a thing? I can’t imagine it being that painful but I suppose it is !?

Twrry Pratchett used this idea (called “the ginger beer trick”) in one of his novels

Sigh. Terry Pratchett

Speaking of which…where has Annie X-mas been?

Although in his case it was a psychological trick. A prisoner hears a pop-whoosh-scream from the next cell, and is scared. When they come into his cell with a few bottles of ginger beer, he immediately gives up the information.

Three policemen then reveal that they provided the sound effects.

True - but the guys were clear scared because they’d used thst torture method themselves, or seen it used