cocaethylene question

I know what it is, and that it stays in the system longer.

My question is, what is considered mixing the two to create it.

Like doing a fat line and then drinking a beer?

Or doing two in the same night in general, even if there are hours between the two.

:cool: Thanks.

I think you are in the wrong place. Here Dope means knowledge not drugs.


I’m looking for knowledge on said subject as I don’t care to try it out first hand.

Any time one has both substances (cocaine and alcohol) in their system at the same time, they’re likely to create some cocaethylene. So both the scenarios you describe would likely result in its formation.

And given the fact that cocaethylene is significantly more cardiotoxic than cocaine, both scenarios should be avoided if one has a low tolerance for sudden cardiac death. Early defibrillation is the treatment of choice for such sudden cardiac death, but even having an implanted defibrillator in situ does not completely guarantee successful resuscitation.

If one must consume both, I’d recommend at least 24 hours of alcohol abstinence before ingesting cocaine. Longer abstinence would be recommended if liver dysfunction, such as cirrhosis, is present. Like permanent abstinence.

Thank you, thread may be closed.

That is certainly good advice. I was never around people doing cocaine but surely mixing the two has happened millions of times?


Yes, it’s actually quite common because people (and I know plenty of them), found out they can drink a ton more than they usually do when they’re also doing coke. It’s stimulant effects make you not realize how drunk you are.
FWIW, I never saw anyone drink “call and ambulance” quantities. But were they would normally have 6-8 beers while at the bar, suddenly they realized they were on number 10 with a few shots mixed in and still feeling great (this is college, in Wisconsin). While a perk of the drug, it doesn’t help that coke makes you feel like a million bucks about 4 seconds after doing it.


This thread is too close to “how do I do drugs?” for my taste. Closed. And follow the doctor’s advice and don’t do it.