Cocaine, the Heart and the Brain

I’m doing story research, and haven’t had a lot of luck finding resources for this question. Any references would be welcome.

That said,

If a person using cocaine (not necessarily an addict, however) also abuses other stimulants at the same time, is it more likely to affect the heart or the brain?

And, relatedly, how long after the heart starts beating is brain damage likely? And how severe is it likely to be?

Thanks in advance!

i thought that’s what keeps the brain from being damaged in the first place ?

Hey SisterCoyote, i emailed you link that should help answer your question. I had to email it to keep the mods from getting pissed off at me, as it contains a LOT of explicit drug information. :rolleyes:

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Of course, the question should be stops beating.

It’s my boss’ fault. I don’t think my heart beats the entire time I’m at work (I go into hibernation to prevent brain damage from sheer boredom).