COCKROACH Trap That Works!

Discovered accidentally by a landscaper here in Las Vegas, here is the report on KVBC Las Vegas with a link to a video broadcast (upper left part of the story is the video link).

It is simple:

Take an empty pickle jar, or mayo jar (glass) and put some used coffee grounds at the bottom of the jar and add just a little bit of water. Set the jar by a wall (or it was suggested to put some masking tape on the outside of the jar so the critters can climb up) and set the jar out.

The cockroaches seem to like the odor of the coffee grounds, crawl up and fall into the jar and cannot get out.

Certainly a cheap method, ecologically sound, and what have you got to lose by trying it?

That’s cool, but what do you do with a jar full of cockroaches? :eek:

I used to catch fireflies and keep them in jars, but that was different. Maybe you could teach them tricks and have a roach circus.

Yuk - we used to catch flies in a similar manner, put tinfoil over the jar which you have three quarters fill with water and a dollop of jam - they get in, but they can’t get out and they drown.

Yeah, but you can find the cardboard sticky traps at the dollar-type stores. They’ve kicked my roach problem in the butt.

Considering they are now all safely trapped in a jar with coffee grounds, do what Starbucks does…put it all in a blender with ice and call it Iced Cafe Grande Avec Larvae and sell it as a protein enhancement for $4.75.