Cocoa Butter: Eat It Or Wear It?

      • I notice that Snicker’s candy bars list cocoa butter as an ingredient, as do many chocolate candies. Many suntan oils list it as an ingredient too. Is it the same stuff in both? - MC

Go to a topless beach. Find a girl that is using cocoa butter. Tell her that in the interest of science and your friends on SDMB that you would like to make a taste test. :smiley:

Wonderful stuff, cocoa butter. It’s a food ingredient! It’s a suntan lotion! Stop fighting, you two! It’s both a food ingredient AND a suntan lotion! (reminds me of the old SNL routine with Chevy Chase – “It’s a Floor Wax AND a Dessert Topping!”)

It’s also good for your skin in other ways. I had plastic surgery after an accident, and the surgeon told me to use Cocoa Butter on the scar on my face. After it healed, you couldn’t even tell where the wound had been. I can’t swear that the cocoa butter was responsible, but I wouldn’t argue against it.