I got COD:MW2 for the XBox 360 for Christmas. Is anybody playing this game online? What do you think, especially if you’ve played the first MW?

Also, has anybody noticed players using the superfast running glitch? Earlier this evening there was a guy who dominated our whole team throughout a game of Sabotage using only a knife: one minute he was miles away from you, the next he was right in your face (no, it wasn’t lag, what was happening was ridiculous).

Yep. Care package glitch. You move a lot faster with it in your hand. Even more so if you’re running Lightweight.

The lobby system for this game is really REALLY bad, especially compared to Halo 3. Hell, it’s really bad compared to Call of Duty: World at War. They released a game with a bunch of glitches and then went on break Infinity Ward is off all of December) and every time someone comes back into the office to fix some of the glitches, that patch makes another glitch.

Outside of that, the game is what it is. It’s the same gameplay. It’s fun.