CoD: World At War - Are you kidding me?

I now know why the Germans did so well early in WW2. It wasn’t superior training. It wasn’t snappy uniforms. It wasn’t cool weapons.

No, it was because they have goddamned bulletproof psychic snipers.

It’s a miracle they even lost the war, really.

What the fuck? I mean, seriously, he knows when I’m pointed at a window, so he won’t pop up there. Unless I’m steadying my aim, in which case he waits until I’ve lost my ability to point my gun (even a little bit), and then he’ll choose to pop out of the window and kill me - even if I’ve moved.

Of course, he’s only got like 3 places he can pop out, and there’s two positions he can pop out of, so that gives six possibilities I can point my gun at - although I actually need to point my gun between two of the three places, because he certainly won’t pop out of one if I’m pointed at it.

Of course, you try it several dozen times (maybe a couple hundred? Who knows?) and you’ll eventually get quick enough where you can shoot him. That leads to the inevitable jerkoff yelling “you only wounded him!” or “you only grazed him!”.

Which is funny, when you consider that I could only see his head, so that “graze” apparently consisted of a high-powered rifle bullet going through his fucking head.

Didn’t these people learn anything from the infamous bullshit known as “sniper town”?

So far the only cheat code I can find is one that will give me god mode, and that’s great. It also kicks me back to the start of the game. I don’t want to cheat my way through this game, I want to escape the fucking nightmare of the Magic Psychic Bulletproof Nazi Sniper.


Playing on Veteran, eh?

Yeah, that part gets pretty irritating. It’s probably one of the most frustrating moments in the entire game.

Oh, I don’t know, it’s fun replaying the same five fucking seconds over and over - with about 10 seconds of reload time between them.


  1. The Sniper Room.
  2. Flamethrower Alley.
  3. Japanese Tunnel Complex.

I think I have those in the correct order. 2 and 3 might switch places. But they are all redeemed by Nazi Zombies.

Hilariously enough, I was able to activate god mode correctly…and killed him on my first shot.

Still, no matter how you look at it, a shit move as far as game design goes. I seem to remember some game (MOH?) that could tell you were getting boned over and over at the same part and would give you a “do you want to skip this” option.


I don’t remember that spot being hard when I played through. What difficulty do you have it on?

Whatever you call #3 of 4. I play enough FPS that I’m generally good enough.

Really, though, I’m serious when I say the guy is psychic. Like I said, if I aim at a particular spot…he doesn’t pop up. Unless I have SHIFT hit, in which case he waits until my guy stops holding his breath and the aim goes wild.

And he’s bulletproof in that I shot him many times and it was always a “graze” or “you just wounded him”. Even when I’m convinced they had to be a head shot.


“It’s only a flesh wound!”

“A flesh wound? You’re missing your head!”

“So what? I can still beat you lot without a head.”

That or you only hit his mortal form and he is a Lovecraftian horror from beyond the mortal pale and you just affected his form in THIS dimension.