Code feature does not display line breaks correctly

Example here:

Looks fine to me.

Johnny LA just mentioned that you need to change your skin from Sultan to Straight Dope v3.7.3 (Drop down way at the bottom left). I’ve never used that one, but I understand that skin created the highlighting issues as well.

It does appear to work with the SD theme. Thanks.

Still recommend the PHP tags for a lot of code. The highlighting actually works fairly well for a lot of stuff.

I do wonder why Tuba isn’t given the ability to just change a single file herself, though.

I’m willing to look at any fixes any of you have that I can apply to vb templates.

Please send them to me at and I will see what I can do.

Thanks for your assistance, all of you; we do want to make things as good for you as we can.

your humble TubaDiva