Coffee Crisp

I heard on a fine, fine Canadian show (22 minutes) that the Coffee Crisp chocolate bar is now being sold in the States. Has anyone there tried one yet? What do you Americans think of it?

It is one of my favorites, the other 3 being:


I tried one (heck, I’ll try ANY new candy bar once!) but was confused by the name: It didn’t taste anything like coffee. As a candy bar, it’s ok but wouldn’t be my first choice.

It’s not exactly a strong coffee taste, but I can still tell its there. It is one of my favorites though :slight_smile:

Anyone else?

I saw it in the states about two years ago (of course, we ARE pretty close to Canada here), but only in one store. Good bar, but not a GREAT bar.

Anyone ever had an ‘Idaho Spud’? (Chocolate Marshmallow, dipped in Milk Chocolate, rolled in Coconut)

Coffee Crisp’s Canadian? I had no idea.

Any Americans tried ketchup flavoured potato chips? Is it true y’all hate them?

I was so hoping “Coffee Crisp” would turn out to be a new breakfast cereal :frowning:

good one, drewbert!

You can? Where?

For some reason I cannot fathom, I actually like Coffee Crisp, despite the fact that I loathe real coffee. Is CC’s flavouring extremely artificial?

…my SO is from Alberta and I make her bring some CC back with her every time she goes home, and we make her folks post them to us too…down here in Ga I have yet to see them for sale…but I can’t wait!!!,they beat the tar out of most chocolate available here!!!..the original, that is, not the crappy “triple chocolate” type.The absolute best, though is the Zero bars…omigawd…I sure wish that they sold THOSE here!

You don’t have Zeros either? What kinda medieval country y’all living in?

A freind of mine that lives in NYC says Toblerone bars are tough to get down there too. Any truth to that?

Hmmmmm…White chocolate Toblerone. Mmmmmm.

bernse, whats in an eat more? never heard of it. my favorite all time candy bar is a zagnut, i know im weird, but not as weird as those who like zero bars. i would insert an emoticon here to indicate no offense meant,writefetus, but i am philosophically opposed to them.

…now are we talking about US zero ( ultra nasty and waxy white “chocolate” over a nouget-esque center) or
Canadian zero ( delightfully cool Belgian chocolate with a minimum fat content of 28%…and all of it tropical oils…uuummm tropical oils) because the two shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath…IMO

Originally posted by essvee

Okay, buddy. Let’s hear it. And it better be good.

i meant american zero bars, writefetus. damn but them things is nasty! st. attila, i think emoticons are the ‘whatever’ of the internet. what i mean by that is they replace actual words, thoughts, and feelings, theyre generic, theyre often meaningless, or worse, inappropriate to the place theyre put, i find them smarmy and annoying, and just like other chat-oriented acronyms, they replace real language. and i wish to point out that chiefscott agrees with me. that makes me feel validated. (insert imaginary smirky face emoticon here)

um, in retrospect, i cannot say chiefscott agrees with me, but he doesnt like emoticons, either. for why, i know not.

Oops ::giggle:: I thought you meant you were philosophically opposed to Zero bars. But, as you’re speaking of the American Zero bars, it makes sense either way.

its those tropical oils, man. theyll put you in yer grave.

Okay, I can see “Coffee Crisp” as being a somewhat descriptive name. But “Zero”? “Skor”? And for that matter, “Snickers”?? Who comes up with these ridiculous names for candy bars, anyway?!

 American zero is  ostensibly, so named due to its pale and pallid color ( and likely the rating it might receive

in any taste test ) The Canadian zero,named because (I believe )The high coconut oil content imparts a cool,
smooth mouthfeel to the chocolate, the only thing that comes
close that I have seen here in the States are small chocolates called “ice cubes” that are also Belgian.Note the
similar originality in the names