Gummy Bears and other delights

I must admit a fondness for Gummy Bears (at least, that’s how we call them here in Central Canada): you know, the “chewy” type. I’m also a chocolate nut (the dark kind, of course :smiley: ) . Just recently, I ate an imported chocolate bar containing 70% cacao; weighed something like four ounces, cost a mint but was a pure delight the few seconds it lasted.

Aside from gummies and chocolate, what else would you “walk a mile” for (or order from the other side of the world, for that matter)? Who knows? Maybe your answers will open up a whole new world for us Epicureans…

Moldy bread. NO sorry, don’t do candy much but good smoked beef briskett I can’t resist.

Sour gum. Yuuuuuuummie!

Big Turk chocolate bar. Hard to find even in Canada now. sigh

I love the following:

Baskin Robins Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream
Tiramisu (made with a nice strong espresso
Bombay Saphire gin
fresh handmade sausage (like andouille from Seattle Links)

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Mr. john: I think you confused me with my twin re: moldy bread. (I’ll pass, BTW) But brisket is cool too. Where we part ways is when you equate real chocolate with candy. How DARE you!! :smiley:

Bernie: I’ve had a few Big Turks in my days (pre-dark chocolate era) and I must admit I haven’t been especially looking around for them lately (in the Ottawa area). They were different from the rest in shape and in taste. Thanks for the memories.

Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut: not the Canadian-made ones, but the British imports. Magic.

Also, Marks and Spencers had a truly great turkish delight bar, but sadly, the last branch in Canada closed about 2 weeks ago.


my grandmothers homemade carmels with pecans in them. FABULOUS! If you want the recipe, let me know; there’s nothing low-fat about them.

Orange Julius drinks: I love these things, especially the Pina Colada one.

A really good Carmel-Cappuccino. Sweet, light and lots of carmel.

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I am extremely fond of “Ice Cubes”. These are small square chocolates sold individually wrapped in foil. There is a slight mint flavor, and the consistancy is very smooth. Around here you can find them in clear plastic tubs near the cash registers at many convenience stores.

When I was a kid, Clarks sold ice cream flavored gum in many flavors. I loved these, but I haven’t been able to find them in years. Does anyone know if these are still sold anywhere?

Carpe hoc!

Oh, thanks so much, MrKnowItAll. Now I have to drop everything & go looking for Ice
Cubes. Smooth. Creamy. CHOCOLATE.
(I’d also walk a mile for a scoop of Cherry Garcia.)
BTW, check a web site called for some very sexy chocolate pictures.

Ice cubes; See’s butterscotch squares; Zero; Uno bar; and three I haven’t seen in many years, Baffle Bar, Mountain Bar and malted-milk balls called “Five5Somes” (yes, it had that “5” in the name).

I have become serious about The Grove. Those kiosks at Airports? In Atlanta, they sell Pralined Pecans, and Cinnamon Pecans. Now…this has become religious for me. I plan stopovers so that I can wind up at ATL with enough time to stop at The Grove. Yes, Yes, I know they are on the Web. NOT THE SAME !!! :slight_smile:


Kay: You’ve made my day with virtualchocolate

Ditto on the Ice Cubes and the See’s candies.

Here are mine, in no particular order:

White Castles. No cheese, please. If I ever leave the Midwest, I’d be forced to buy the frozen kind, and they’re just not the same.
Boiled Peanuts. I’d have to walk at least to South Carolina to get them, because it’s impossible to find raw peanuts in Ohio.
Sweet Tea that’s not in a bottle or a can. Yet another thing that I’d have to walk through a few states to find.
My stepfather’s Buffalo Wings. He’s from Buffalo, and makes them better than any restaurant or bar, including the Anchor Bar, where they were invented.
Cheesecake Factory’s Banana Creme cheesecake. Luckily, they just opened one around here, so I only have to walk 20 miles or so.
Donatos Pizza. Definitely a Columbus thing, so much so that when they expand (the chain was just bought by McDonalds, so it’s a possibility), I want them to call it Columbus-style pizza. Thin crust, with the best toppings in all of Pizzadom spread out to the very edge. Expensive, but worth every cent. I have friends who moved away who still make it a point to stop by Donatos whenever they come back here. It’s the smack of pizzas.

Theres this gum sold in Japan that my friend sent me that has the flavor of Santol fruits (its a native Filipino fruit). Not available here by any means :frowning: (at least i dont think). some others are:

-In And Out burgers
-This japanese whistle gum stuff
-Caramel and Sour Apple suckers (fortunately you can find them here)
-Sour apple Jolly Ranchers :slight_smile:

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Pocky. And when I say I’d walk a mile for the stuff, I pretty much mean that literally. The only store I can get it at around here is almost 20 minutes away from the nearest bus stop.

sigh I need a car…

It is worth the walk though! Mmmmmm!

(For those not lucky enough to have encountered this food of the gods, go here: )

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Here are some of my candy favorites:
Goetze Caramel Cremes - aka “targets”
Sesame candies that look like bricks made out of sesame seeds - don’t know what they’re called and nobody else I know likes them
Shock Tarts
Anise squares

omniscientnot, thanks for fixing the link. Teach me to C&P when I should be asleep… :stuck_out_tongue: