Coffee good or bad for you?

My father claims drinking coffee is good for you. My claim is it isn’t good for you. Neither of us can site a study to back up our claim so I’m throwing this one out to the many minds here.

He drinks 2 12oz cups just about every morning no sugar extra cream. Sometimes a third coffee for lunch.

Coffee is number one source of antioxidants

On what do you base your claim?

Supposedly, someone once told Voltaire that coffee was “a slow poison”. He replied, “I think it must be slow, for I have been drinking it for sixty-five years and I am not yet dead.”

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As stated in the op neither of us can back our claim.

I do not feel caffeine is healthy. I’ve heard of studies linking coffee to bladder cancer.

Research into the possible health effects of coffee have a long and checkered past. the state of the art of the research can be found summarized here. In short coffee as consumed in Ameica, like your father does, likely is slightly beneficial overall. The bad rap on coffee probably originates with studies from Norway and Finland which found that coffee consumption was associated with higher cholesterol and possibly higher heart disease rates. These finding were not replicated elsewhere. Turned out those countries boil their coffee with the grounds extracting a higher percentage of oils than most drip or even espresso methods and it was those oils that seem to have been associated with the possible adverse effects. The research has also been fraught with confounding factors: elderly coffee drinkers have better glucose tolerance. Is that because coffee consumption is protective or because those with poor glucose tolerance get shakey after coffee so have cut back? So on.

Short answer: lay off the old man. If that is his only addiction he’s doing pretty dang well. And get me a large one while you’re at it. No cream, no sugar. Now! I need my fix.

I know, I was wondering why then you hold this belief.

Again, why?

Now you can read about one that indicates it protects against cirrhosis of the liver.

Do you base other health decisions on “studies you’ve heard of” somewhere? Or is it just caffeine? Pardon my curiosity, I have an interest in where people get beliefs from, and how they maintain them without visible means of support, so to speak.


Coffee is more than good for you. It is absolutely vital to health and bien-etre.

One cannot live without coffee.

Another plus for coffee:

That’s the one I was going to cite. Interesting.

There’s another interesting article. Two studies involving over 120,000 people shows that there is no higher risk of heart disease from drinking one cup of coffee a month or 6 cups of coffee a day. There’s other info on interest in there also.

Okay, you guys might crucify me for this, please delete it if it is insensitive to intellectual property laws. I can’t link to it, because it is just a photocopied page that my co-worker had hanging in her cubicle. I googled and came up with nothing. I have no idea if Health Coach Systems is a crackpot organization, or what. The article sounds pretty hokey to me, but uses large scientific-sounding words. ; )

Anyway, here’s what they say:

from Health Coach Systems International, Inc.

Coffee good. Fire bad.

I dispute this. I haven’t had coffee in years, and I’m doing oka-

Well i could be wrong but isn’t caffiene hydrochloride is the form already present in the beverage?

A quick Google search shows Health Coach System International to be purveyors of complementary “naturopathic” medical advice. Make of that what you will.

I love coffee. I drink it every day. I couldn’t live without it, and wouldn’t want to. Which is precisely why it’s so bad for you: when it comes to food and beverage, I am the Arbiter of All Things Good and Evil. It’s very simple: the more I like something, the worse it is for the human body; the more I hate something, the better it is. Other than water, there are no exceptions. It’s a law. Boom! I got yer cite right here.

I’ll admit there haven’t been enough controlled studies to suggest whether or not the correlation between my appetite’s disposition and any given food’s nutritional value is coincidental or causal (personally, I’m certain it’s the latter: God simply made the food I like bad for you. I was a taster during The Creation. I was the one who suggested putting an apple tree in the Garden.), but the phenonmenon itself is beyond question. I’m the magic 8 ball of nutrition.

So: coffee = bad. Spinach = good. There you have it. You can close the thread, make a sticky, print it in The Reader, take it to the bank. My tastebuds are never wrong.

IANAChemist, but I don’t see how this could be true: Caffeine is Xanthine alkaloid, more closely related to Theobromine, the alkaloid in Cocoa. Cocaine is in the Tropane group, Strychnine is in the Quinoline group; Morphine is an Isoquinoline. So other than the fact that they’re all alkaloids…