Coincidence that Yahoo's Straight Dope knockoff had same question as SD yesterday?

Yesterday’s (7.16.2006) “Ask Yahoo” question is exactly the same question that is listed as yesterday’s question on Straight Dope’s home page. Is this just a huge coincidence, or could it be something more sinister?

“How much money (in US$) would I get if we divided up all the wealth in the world into equal amounts?”

Straight Dope:
“If the world’s wealth were divided equally, how much would each of us have?”

I already did this and got scolded:

But I wonder, too.

Oh, I didn’t see that. I agree with you though; this is very strange.

I’m curious why someone from London would specifically request the answer in US dollars.


Imitation, flattery, all that.

I should note that the answer each gives is quite different (Y:$6,600, SD:$15,500). The population and/or wealth hasn’t changed that much since 1991, has it?

Yahoo: $6,685.92, SD:$3,100. The 15k figure is for a family of 5. Doubled income is probably reasonable over 15 years, but Cecil is still more right if it comes down to that.