Global wealth/income, the division of, etc.

When people quote stats saying 1% of the world’s pop controls 99% of the wealth (or whatever) where do they get these figures? Who calculated them? How much wealth is there in the world, and how is that wealth defined (eg. purely monetary, or also control of natural resources etc)? And what would the annual income be/person if that wealth was evenly divided?

Don’t have a actual number, but I would theorize that the following year after all of the wealth was evenly divided that the average annual income per person would significantly decline, as there would be no motivation to work harder to generate more income if no matter how hard you worked your wealth generation was going to be divided amongst everyone, even those that didn’t do a damn thing.

Here’s the big study from which those figures were generated.

I’m not sure about income, but the study found that if all of the wealth in the world were divided equally among the world population, we would each get about $26,000.

I bet you are wrong. I’d love to try it and see.