Coke in aluminum cans???

In this article

Cecil sez that ketchup dissolves aluminum because ketchup is acidic and aluminum gives up its electrons readily to acidic solutions.

He also notes that Coca-Cola is even more acidic than ketchup.

OK wise guy, how can they put Coke in aluminum cans then, without the soda dissolving the container???

We used to dissolve aluminum cans in caustic solution ( sodium hydroxide IIRC), there is a plastic lining in the cans. A little bag of plastic would be all left after the can was gone, and the cans wouldn’t dissolve by pouring caustic into them without first scratching the lining.

aaaahhhhhh… i kinda thought it was something like that. Surprised Cecil didn’t address this begged question in the original column


Sorry if this is hijack, but why did you dissolve aluminum cans? Aside from the obvious entertainment value?