Coke TV commercial from a couple years ago

I don’t remember the specific commercials, but it was an extreme sport kind of thing I believe, and then at the very end, like the last second or two, they would flash a web site address at the bottom of the screen and say the name. It was something with a lot of 'y’s and 'd’s and ‘g’ s in it, but I could never get it right and I never had it on tape. Anyone ever notice this and check it out?

I’ve tried searching, but since I don’t know the spelling I’ve had little luck. Any of you Google specialists care to give it a try and pass on your methods?

The website you are referring to (that now appears to be defunct) is:

It was an acronym for “If you don’t know, you don’t go.”

As I recall, it was a summer promotion aimed at teens a couple of years ago. You could use your “Coke card” to get discounts and free crap.

Look up ‘iydkydg’ and you will find out more than enough.

That’s what I wanted know! I knew someone around here would rememeber.