Colbert and O'Reilly on each other's shows - Jan 18

Mano a mano.


Good publicity for both of them. They both know the game.

Agreed on the first statement. On the second statement, though, I don’t know. O’Reilly has been known to lose his temper and break voice, if you will, like his interaction with Al Franken a few years ago. He may know the game, but he may not be able to stick to it.

I meant the game of gaining publicity for oneself, and ratings for one’s show.

Right, I understood and agree with that. I was just saying that I can see Colbert pulling it off with a smile on O’Reilly’s show (win-win), but O’Reilly blowing his stack on Colbert’s show and making himself look like a tool. More. Like a tool.

Won’t this, like, tear a hole in the universe, or something?

Or does that only happen if they touch?

In fact I think the opposite is likely. In the past when O’Reilly has appeared on The Daily Show he came across as funny while Stewart actually was meaner to him than I expected.

It’s not like O’Reilly spends his program mocking Steward and Colbert. They’re the ones with the grudge in this fight. O’Reilly will go on and play his part. He’ll proudly display is obnoxiousness and the crowd probably won’t get it.

You saw a different Daily Show then I did then. The last time I saw O’Reilly on there, he was utterly humorless and a world class jerk. He actually called Stewart a pinhead on his own show. I suppose that’s all part of his act though.

And not just for Franken or Stewart–O’Reilly pulled this stunt on Terry Gross. He stalked off her show in a pissy little fit. He’s an ass and it shows. I can hardly wait for Stewart to shame him with courtesy and grace.

O’Reilly is on the record as a Colbert fan, so I think they’ll get along fine. It makes sense, if you think about it: if you think like O’Reilly does, having somebody parody you only proves you’re really important.