Colbert Report intro

Is there a pattern wrt Colbert’s intros? I’m always a bit disappointed when the show starts with the music and the animated eagle. I love the “tonight!” intros. Sometimes it’s the funniest part of the show.

I suspect if they can’t come up with really good one-liner material that day, they skip it. I rarely hear bad ones. There may be time restraints, too.

I think its for the same reason he no longer has a The Word every day. Too much time + they’ll only put something on if its really frickin funny.

The opening isn’t always topical. I’m sure they have plenty of jokes stockpiled in case they need one. It’s common for T.V. shows to drop the cold open (the part before the intro music and graphics) if the show runs long and they want to keep more of the content.

I’ve wondered this too. I have always come to the conclusion that they film the show, do whatever editing they’re going to do, then time the result. If the show is a little short for its time slot, then they add on the intros.

It always seems to me that when The Daily Show runs a bit long, Colbert skips his intro.

All the more reason to make The Daily Show into an hour, with longer interviews, perhaps with two subjects per episode. Stewart’s a good interviewer with little tolerance for bullshit, and that’s refreshing, but 7 or 8 minutes is just too damn short for some of these topics.

I’ve listened closely and the opening are always jokes that relate to the segments of that day’s show. That’s as topical as you can get.

I think all but one of them always are. There’s always one that doesn’t seem to go with anything, I think. Unless it’s just more obscure than the other two.

And, yeah, I’m pretty sure it has to do with a show running long. In Colbert’s show, it’s most likely the interview that costs them, as they can always cut down the audience laughter.

On Hulu, there is (or was) a video of Colbert explaining the timetable for production of episodes. IIRC, the “Tonight…” bits (I believe he calls them billboards; I’ve heard that in similar contexts) are thrown out during the first writers’ meeting daily, and are polished by a few of the writers during the major writing stretch that follows. He doesn’t mention why they don’t always do 'em, but I would assume it’s just because they don’t always have good ideas.

Well, plus you need three of 'em to make the bit. It wouldn’t surprise me if some hilarious puns went unused because nobody could think of two others for that day.

And it seems to me that not all the jokes relate to specific stories Colbert would explore on his show. Aren’t some of them (generally the last one mentioned) just throwaway bits based on minor news items of the day, i.e. “Scientists in Georgia successfully fuse Amygdalus genes with human DNA! Well, I’ll be a son of a peach!”

Like that but, y’know… good.

I’d assumed they just didn’t do them some nights because they didn’t want it to get stale, but the idea that they sometimes get cut for time makes more sense.