Colbie Caillat Song: Bubbly "Can You Count Me In?" Intro

I don’t know why that intro annoys me, but it does.

I mean, seriously, is the song tempo that difficult that she needs help to get the beat to the tune?

I suppose it seemed cool at the time to leave the intro in to give the song some kind of realistic feel, but when you hear that song 5, 10, 30, 50 times, it starts to sound like she is mentally challenged, or at least, rhythmically challenged, when she starts the song asking some unnamed person, “Can you count me in?”.

Girl, you are supposedly a musician. This is your own damned song - get with the program.

1, 2, 3, 4…go!

Amen to that. These were my thoughts the very first time I heard the song…

“This is kind of a cute song. Once or twice. But if I hear it more times than that, I’ll bet ‘can you count me in’ will make me start to wish bad things. And this is the kind of cute song that will be a huge hit and the local stations will play it 30 times a day and I’ll have heartburn for the next month until they finally wear it out…sigh.”

So now when it’s played, I just think back to her…“It’s not my responsibility to count you in. And you’re not cute.”

I thought it was Sheryl Crow until one day I heard the entire thing from the DJ’s intro until the end.

Sir Rhosis

Can one suppose that you are equally annoyed that Davy Jones didn’t know which take they were on in Daydream Believer?

My first impression was that she had a round of poker going in the recording studio, and yes, hearing it repeatedly, sounds kinda dumb. It’s high time someone crank out a remix on YouTube with gruff men shouting and clinking poker chips in the background!

It reminds me of the start of James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful, where he sings, “My Life is Brilliant”, right at the start. Now, I can’t hear that song without replacing the lyrics with this. :smiley: