Cold Lemon Water

Does drinking water with sliced lemons thrown in it help with weight loss?


Only if it’s a replacement for something else, with calories, you would have drank anyway.

Oh. I only drink water.

I heard that lemons had pectin, which helped with weight loss though. :dubious:

There’s some evidence that people drink more water when it’s flavored with something. If by drinking more water, you are less prone to snacking or, as Leaffan said, drinking caloric drinks, then yes.

Otherwise, no.

Nothing you consume helps with weight loss; it’s what you don’t consume.

Then I’ll be thin as a rail as soon as I finish these jars of marmalade.

Pectin is a plant protein somewhat similar to gelatin. It’s 4 calories/gram just like any other protein.

Pectin isn’t the only caloric addition lemons will make to the water. But it’ll have a lot fewer calories than sugary drinks that you might consume otherwise.

By the way, studies with diet sodas show that there is a short-term hunger suppression from drinking any liquids, but that people who drink diet soda tend to consume the same total calories over a 24-hour period as those who drink regular soda. The diet soda drinkers are simply eating more of other foods until their bodies get the same overall calories. The same thinking should apply to lemon water.

It depends on how vigorously you throw in the sliced lemons.

Lemon marmalade, right?


Here, have half a dozen of these rotten oysters and tell me how you get on. :smiley:

There was an urban myth going around a few years ago that Grapefruit actually burned off fat when it had been eaten.

This was, I assume, people adding 2 and 2 and getting 5.
They thought that because it tasted acidic, it must DO something.

Unfortunately is wasn’t true.

I’m guessing that because Lemon is acidic also, the myth has migrated.