"Cold Mountain"

Okay, the movie is coming out on Christmas Day, but has anyone else read the book? I had picked it up this past spring at my favorite second-hand bookstore and tried to start it but it didn’t catch my interest (and admittedly with my Mom being so ill I was just too distracted already), so I put it down, not picking it up again until late summer. It did take a bit to get into the story, but once it got going (and I got used to the switching back and forth between points of view), I really got to enjoying it.

I’m not sure how faithful the movie will prove to be, though. Nicole Kidman and Jude Law portray the main characters, with Renee Zellwigger (sp?) the other major character in the cast. I am looking forward to seeing the movie; it’s set in western North Carolina (that’s where Cold Mountain is, in the Smokies I think) and the scenery alone should be breathtaking, imho. Don’t want to give too much away about the plot, but it’s set in the Civil War. The author did an excellent job of portraying the time yet still making it interesting to the reader.

Doesn’t happen very often, but I think this could be one of those occasions where I like the movie better than the book. (One example was The English Patient, I preferred the movie to the novel.)
Don’t get me wrong, I did not detest Cold Mountain, the book, but I thought the ending was a bit of a cop-out.
I really like Kidman and Law and look forward to seeing the cinematic version of Cold Mountain.

Kidman was on Leno last night. She said they did a lot of filming in Rumania. (And she looked great.)

I’ve read the book, but it’s been awhile and I don’t recall details. Have only seen a couple of short trailers, including the one on Leno last night. It looks promising, might be a fine movie, but I’m thinking they’re not sticking too close to the book, from what I’ve seen.

I read the book and don’t remember much about it…Probably bad timing. I’ll read it again, but I’m definitely seeing the movie and taking my mom too.

Nicole Kidman would look gorgeous even if she were wearing nothing but a filthy burlap bag full of holes.

Ditto Jude Law. :smiley:

My poor brain can’t remember the -names- of the main characters now (yes, I’m a mess I know), but the book would switch from telling the man’s story to telling the woman’s story. The women characters were a bit atypical for women from that time, I’m thinking–except that there probably were many women like that!

The story really got to me; I finished it one night, staying up until 3 am or so. It was romantic but certainly not in a maudlin way. I was sad when I finished it; I felt like I wanted to find another book like it. I will definitely be seeing the movie over the holiday.

I read the book and liked it, and my mother and grandmother read it as well(unfortunatly, I can’t discuss it with grandma, who’s starting to lose her memory).

My mother isn’t sure if she wants to see it, being disturbed by the fact the media keeps referring to it as “Nicole Kidman’s new movie”, when I seem to remember the Male character(being played by Jude Law) having just as much, if not more, of a role to play. I hope they didn’t butcher it.

I’m not sure what Caprese means when he/she says the ending was a cop out. Then again, the ending is somewhat vague, so I’d have to ask what Caprese saw the final chapter to mean before I could respond.

Well, it is Nicole Kidman’s new movie, and the marketing department is using that as an angle to get people who aren’t familiar with the book to see it. Jude Law is one of the finest actors around, but he’s not exactly a household name. Unfortunately. Maybe this movie will help remedy that.

Here’s what Peter Travers had to say about it when he chose it as #5 on his 10 Best Movies of 2003

I’m looking forward to it.
I loved the book.

Rene Zellweger is not how I pictured the character of Ruby, though. Not at all. Wasn’t she supposed to be half-black in the book? Her father was white and her mother was black, right? Or am I think of another book?

I just read this from David Ansen of Newsweek. It’s not an official review, but it sounds like one. In this article, he talks about Cold Moutain, The Last Samurai and The Return of the King.

I’m a she. :slight_smile:
I don’t want to spoil the ending for those who have not read the book, and it is hard for me to discuss this without giving things away.
I felt that Cold Mountain was well written, but it was almost as if the ending was stuck on by another author.
Let me try a spoiler box.

I don’t need tidy, happy endings, but I felt that the novel was a bit of slog for the abrupt and, for me, unsatisfactory finale.
To me,Inman’s death just didn’t sit well with the rest of the story.

I have nothing to add but I want to brag on myself. I’ve spent the night several times on top of Cold Mountain by myself, no other hikers/campers up there. It’s a very “religeous” experience to view a sunrise up there. Cold Mountain may be my favorite place in the world.

I can’t wait to see the movie.

Here’s a web cam that isn’t working right now but may be in the future.


Actually, I felt it was appropriate. As many times as Inman was shot and escaped death in the book, I would have felt cheated if once again he survived being shot yet again. I was starting to get the feeling that Inman was “The Man with no name” as many times as he survived bullet wounds and the way those shootouts turned out(particulary the last one where he kills almost all of them singlehandedly)

So the final chapter, given the circumstances of the chapter before that, was somewhat appropriate, IMHO. However, I would not be opposed to things turning out differently at that point just before the final chapter

I was much like the OP, it was a hard slog through the first few chapters, but I stuck it out. I was certainly glad I did because I ended up adoring it, and I’m terribly afraid they are going to screw it up. And I don’t think the ending is a copout at all, and I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that they wimp out on the ending.

See, I think the way the book ended was the true wimp out.

Abruptly yet ambiguously killing Inman off like that was perhaps supposed to have some greater meaning, but for me it just felt like the author did not know what to do about Inman and Ada. But whatever.

I’ll read the reviews and judge from there; I never worry too much about how they compare to the book because I know that I just won’t go see them if they sound awful. And as I said before, it doesn’t happen very often but every now and then, I actually prefer the film to the book.