Coldfire corrupted my husband!

I didn’t know Coldfire was into corrupting innocent house-husbands. :slight_smile:

I didn’t even know Coldfire was a song…

I thought “Coldfire” is some sort of collectible card game about STD’s… “Gotta catch 'em all!”


(And Neutron Star… I told my buddy that you saw Pink Floyd, and he hates you now.)

Yeah, I’d hate me too. Tell your buddy it was absofrigginlutely incredible. I didn’t have any drugs or alcohol that evening, but when I walked out of the stadium I felt stoned and disoriented. I was actually wasted on music.

It was three months before my 16th birthday, so my parents had to drive me to Philadelphia. Still it was worth it. Can you think of any other band that could sell out three nights at Veterans Stadium?

I didn’t even know Coldfire was a song…[/qutoe]

It’s from 1993’s Counterparts. Here is a clip from the song if you’re interested.

FWIW, my wife is a “Rush widow,” too. She reviles them with a passion exceeded only by her hatred for Dream Theater and my collection of Irish music, both traditional and Pogues-inspired punk rock. She just can’t seem to understand that all of Flogging Molly’s songs don’t sound the same, and in fact, they fucking rule. I saw them at a club in New Orleans that was so small and cramped that some crowd-surfing idiots knocked the lead singer flat on his ass. Still one of my favorite shows of all time, though.

Bah, neither of those links worked. Damned Well, if you’re interested, you can just search on their site.

Hmmmph. Dutch guy corrupting American husband, and no webcam. I tell ya, what’s the world coming to?

[sub]who’s gonna smack me first, Coldie or Capy?[/sub]