Ladies and Gentlemen, from Toronto, Canada: RUSH

Well, it’s April 14th now. And in just one short month Vapor Trails, the new Rush album will hit the public. I’ll be there the day it’s released. God help me but I’ve been a RushFan TM for almost twenty years now.

As it’s been 6 years (and 5 jobs for me) since the last Rush studio LP I thought we’d have a small appreciation thread for all those hard working fans out there.

Also, never forget that tomorrow the first leg of the tour will be announced. Will you be there?

Share your experiences and your favorites lyrics and Rush moments.

I’m not really a Rush fan, except in as much as just being a Canadian, but I have a question - is there a reason they named their album (and presumably one of the songs on it) the same thing as a reasonably well-known Tragically Hip song?

Could be homage. The Tragically Hip and Rush have toured together in the past. TH appeared on the lifetime retrospective film that was put together when Rush got their Canadian HoF award (or whatever it was).

How’s that?

Aside from other meanings, it does continue the fine Rush tradition of ending album names with the letter “S”:

A Farewell to Kings
Permanent Waves
Moving Pictures
Power Windows
A Show Of Hands
Roll the Bones
Different Stages
and now…
Vapor Trails!

Chris W

Been a fan of RUSH since the late 70’s (I think Hemisphere’s was the first I heard) and, though I rarely go to concerts, RUSH is the only group I’ve seen twice - Once on the Moving Pictures tour (actually, my first concert!), and the next was the…ummm … I think it was the Roll The Bones tour? It was in 1993. (Outdoors, at Fiddler’s Green in Denver). Two excellent concerts.

Well, I’ve seen them (let’s see…) 15 times over the last 18 years. My first show was Grace Under Pressure.

Man, less than a month. That’s a killer wait!

Don’t forget “All the World is a Stages” and “2112s”! :wink:

I’ve never seen them live. Goll Durn wrong continent, grumble grumble…

Actually, I “discovered” Rush in 1992, just after they left Europe behind doing the RTB tour.

Looking forward to the new album. You can check out the first single, “One Little Victory”, over here. It’s… OK. Convincing intro, mediocre rythm during the song. Sounds kinda loud and hard, though - I hope that’s an indication for the rest of the album! I saw Geddy quoted somewhere as saying, “It’s gonna be a Tool-influenced album”, which can only mean it ROCKS. :smiley:

Coldfire, if you will get yourself over here to Washington DC I will personally put you up and get you a ticket to the show. Best bet is they play the local Nissan Pavillion shed here.

My gift to you.

Oh, and Ged just placed an note on his site that indicates the tour will be another of their 3 hour ‘Evening With Rush’ items featuring songs they haven’t played in a very very long time.

See it here:

Here is what looks to be a tour date schedule, but I don’t know if it’s official or not. Nissan is named.

Rush has been very cool about permitting live, rare, and unreleased stuff to be distributed on the Internet. However, I’m not sure if the site I’m thinking of has the band’s official approval. One likes to believe in the freedom of music…

and Grace Under Pressures, Fly By Nights. and Exit…Stage Lefts :smiley:

Oh yeah, though I don’t much like Nissan very much. Pollstar is usually very good about dates so these should be good. What could beat three hours of Rush? Not much, though three hours of Maiden would be great too.

Hey, we’ll have Maiden open for Rush, howzzat? :slight_smile:

Jonathan, thanks for the generous offer. As it is, I’m flying back and forth between the US and Europe a whole lot these days - unfortunately my destination is on the west coast, usually. Hmmm! Perhaps I could catch them in LA!

Anyway, your kindness is greatly appreciated. But the absolute kicker would be if Rush made it across the pond again for the first time in 10 years!

Well, write Geddy and ask him. He actually posts on his own message board.

What’s you trying to do kill me? I cant even think of a better show. So who else is thinking on going to the VA show? I can say that it’s at least a 95% chance that I will be there. I can not imagine many reasons not to be.

Oh, I know I’ll be there. And these days I’ve got the dough to guarantee me front row seats, too. I’ve had 8th row seats (The Mark, in the Quad Cities) and 13th row seats (Merriwether Post Pavillion, Columbia, MD).

This time I’m shooting for the big time.

and Grace Under Pressures, Fly By Nights. and Exit…Stage Lefts :smiley: **

And *Prestos[/] (one of my favorite Rush albums).

ugh, that’s just embarassing.

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Originally posted by Sofa King
Here is what looks to be a tour date schedule, but I don’t know if it’s official or not. Nissan is named.

Thanks for the link Sofa King…looks like I’ll have to plan a little road trip. The venue closest to me (Tweeter Center,Tinley Park,IL) totally blows.