Coldfire corrupted my husband!

My man has a certain perversion that had lain long hidden and is only now again being brought to light fully, and I’m trying to muster the love and understanding that I need to support him, but, you know, “love the sinner, hate the sin”? It’s really difficult for me right now. . .
You see, he’s a 33 year old ex-skateboard punk. One of the skeletons in his closet is that he used to totally into Rush-- they were his favorite band for about 3 years and he still has all their albums on vinyl (his vinyl generally stays under the shelf as he doesn’t feel like setting up the turntable and it’s all scary '80s stuff that even I don’t touch. . like Big Black and Big Country and Big Pig and things in that range). He was a drummer in high school and can drum every Rush song and will occasionally wax enthusiastic about what a great drummer. . . whatshisface… is. I encourage him to get this all out when we don’t have company over.
He’s also a Straight Dope lurker.
Now he’s spending a lot of time at work, right at this moment, finding as much Rush as he can on. . . (certain computer file-acquisition methods that I absolutely can’t condone and don’t encourage as it’s unethical and loosely illegal-- is that a good enough caveat?). Downloading this stuff at work!
He says all the talk about Rush on SD has reminded him of how great they are.
If he starts playing that stuff at home I know who’s to blame.
grumble grumble. . .

That’s nothing. Coldfire also corrupted my hamster, my fern, and my left shoe (but not my right).

And he turned me into a newt!

Ferrous, y’re not a newt!

Those Dutch boys-you really gotta watch. They’re so liberal and all, with the sex and the drugs and the wooden shoes.


I got better.

No y’didn’t. Y’re a newt!

Forget Coldie, anyone registered on this board prior to January 2002 corrupted me!


What, you’re a salamander now?

he’s an oldt? :confused:

Sorry, capybara, I seem to have turned your thread into a discussion of what sort of amphibian I may or may not be…

cjhoworth, I corrupted you too? Can I do it again? :wink:


[sub]Hey, it’s not in order, but ya gotta get that line in any way you can.[/sub]

Well, if he is an amphibian, then that can be taken for proof that he floats…

cjhoworth-- was I drunk? Did I miss it, too? What happened? Did I have fun?

‘s ok, Ferrous, cuz’ I know that coming from Portland you’re really an axolotl, the David Bowie of amphibians, reviled by all red- and blue-blooded Americans.

Yer welcome, and the name you’re looking for is Neil Peart. Heathen.

Counting the days to September 28 - Rush, live! For the first time in my life. :slight_smile:

I tripped over his clog this morning.

I hope (know) that Rush live is better than Shane MacGowan!

I’ll have to talk to my SO about that, since he was born in Holland and everything.

Hmmm…wooden shoes :smiley:

capybara you’re gonna hate me:

Sept 23 - STAPLES Center - Los Angeles, CA

Tickets appear to be available… Check with your local Ticketbastard. Hope it’s close enough for ya.

November 6th, I’ll be catching them (again). 3hrs of music, 2 sets, no opening act. They were fantastic when I saw them at the start of the tour. Remember, they ain’t getting any younger!

Hi capybara,

I’m a Rush widow, too. I’m very sorry, because I participated in one or two Rush threads here on The Straight Dope, probably the ones your husband read. My husband has been a huge Rush fan since 1980, and he’s a drummer. I get really sick of him tapping out YYZ on the dinner table. He has made me memorize all of the albums and their order.

We saw them play last month, and they were good, but very loud and I forgot my earplugs. I enjoyed the Yes show the night before in Santa Fe more.

Hang in there.

Oh god! I told Mr. Spooks what I just wrote and he’s now playing “Coldfire”!!!

You’re gonna love it, CF. I saw them in Houston last month and was absolutely blown away. Now I had never seen them live before either, but even so, I’d have to say they were at the top of their game. Really, I couldn’t have imagined them being any better.

In addition to the new stuff and their hit singles, they also played a few old B-sides, which happily surprised me. I didn’t go to that show expecting to hear The Pass, but I did and it was amazing. The show was LONG, too! About three hours, IIRC. It was long enough that they had to take a half-hour intermission midway through the show.

(Lazy bastards! When I saw Pink Floyd in '94, they played three and a half hours without a break!) :slight_smile: