Coldfire! Sieze power now! Rule the Netherlands!

So we have the resignation of a good chunk of the Dutch government in one day. Over peacekeeping in the Balkans, no less.
This could set the stage for some important UN reform at some point, but it means also that everyone’s favourite Clogboy is now in a position to consolidate his hidden armies and reclaim the Low Countries.

Coldy for grand poobah of the Netherlands!

If I were a citizen, I’d vote for the clog-wearin’ sonofagun.

BTW - Hi ColdyBaby!

Ahem. I mean, of course, “Seize” power. Damn expense-account lunches.

Think of this, though–we have Dopers in almost every country across the world, and who’s better qualified to rule? Judging from some of the GD and GQ threads, we’d at least know our history and have spirited discussions. And as the newest US Vice Consul, I’d be happy to entertain any asylum-seekers if the insurrections went poorly.

What a wild thought. I can’t picture the entire Canadian government resigning over even the bitterest scandal.

If Coldfire were to sieze absolute power in the Netherlands there is one thing no one else has mentioned yet. What would he do with/to Queen Beatrix? Surely he wouldn’t bump off a nice lady!

Has there ever been a Dutch dictator (not counting kings)? France had Napoleon (2 of them actually), England had Cromwell, Spain had Franco, Germany had you know who - but I can’t think of any Dutch megalomaniacs ruling the Netherlands.