Coldfire tempts fate, or I can't believe that cop was so stupid!

No, that’s what they call it in Germany, too Coldfire. Don’t know how they spell royale, but they say it the same.

I have hit a new low. I can’t believe I’m setting myself up as the expert on German McDonalds.

Hey, Coldfire, I thought they only towed tourist’s cars as a money making scheme. I am proud to say that I am the only person I know who went to Amsterdam with a car and did not lose it or have it towed. That is because I am a tough, streetwise kind of broad. :wink:

BTW, is it true that Amsterdam is the bike theft capital of the world?

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Way to subtly make a fool of the gendarme!
Sorry about the ticket.

Maybe it was a Royale mit kasse?

If you must know, a Quarterpounder with Cheese is just that at a Dutch McDonalds affiliate. I’m not even sure the menu is even in Dutch - could be all English too, especially in Amsterdam. Which could very well be the bike theft capital of the world :smiley:

And that leads me to ask another question, why on earth do ya’ll Dutch folks persist with speaking Dutch? It’s not like everyone in your country, including the ladies who sit outside the restrooms waiting for tips, doesn’t already speak English. Sheesh, why not just make it easy on yourselves and declare English the official language. :wink:

Oh, and if I may hijack further, are you coming to Ireland in October to meet me & Moosie Girl or not? I will buy you a pint if you bring me a package or two of Stroopwaffeln.

Stroopwafels, dammit :smiley:

And we’re keeping the Dutch because we DO have some national pride left. But I guess you knew that by now, what with Euro 2000 being underway for so long. Holland! clapclapclap Holland! clapclapclap Holland! clapclapclap Holland! clapclapclap Holland! clapclapclap :wink:

I’m seriously trying to make it to Dublin. And if I do, I’ll bring you all the stroopwafels you can eat!

Umm, what is Euro 2000? You wacky Europeans are always getting excited about something or the other, it’s hard to keep track.
Hey, it is Stroopwafels! I wonder why all of us goofy Amurkins keep calling 'em stroopwafeln. I’ve given up even trying to speak foreign languages…from now on I am going to be the Uber Ugly American.

And now back to whatever it was we were talking about in the first place.

CF –
I caught the Portugal/Turkey and Italian matches this weekend. Good football.

I must applaude this spectaular show of thread hyjacking. Never in my life have I seen such a strange thread.

As for the guilder question, I have it on good authority that ** apparently ** the exchange rates fluctuate daily! Who would have thunk it? :smiley:

When you see who’s involved, this surprises you?

How many bikes will be stolen from the Euro 2000 footbal championship venue?
Will the local cops eat burgers before falsely acusing the local populis?
Will tt sell her soul for a stoopwaflen?
Will Coldy do another drunken Dutchman cheer?

Stay tuned to find out!

Same hijack time! Same hijack channel!

Coldfire - That was a wonderful story. And you tell it so well. With such…enthusiasm.

Seriously, I applaud your ability to think up such clever stuff on the spot. And the fact that the cop didn’t catch on is an added bonus. Good going.

tater - Are you travelling with Moosie. I think I’m in on this too. At least I’m hoping/trying to be. :slight_smile:

So, what do they call the Big Mac?

“Are you making fun of me?”
Do they let this guy carry a gun?
later, Tom.

Way to go Jasper. I used to have the cops constantly harassing me in a backwoods city (San Antonio) here because I had many different unusual haircuts. Anyway, I imagined you doing it completely deadpan thus making the cop think more than once. On the note about you having to pay a fine for parking your car, can’t you fight it?


The car was towed away, Sqrl… I can’t start denying that it was there :smiley:

And how many tickets will be issued if Holland lose tonight to Italy? (perish the thought mate)

See, one of the many advantages of Amsterdam and Copenhagen is the fact that even if there’s a riot you can still get through on bikes.

And how many tickets will be issued if Holland lose tonight to Italy? (perish the thought mate)

See, one of the many advantages of Amsterdam and Copenhagen is the fact that even if there’s a riot you can still get through on bikes.

Love it, Coldfire, love it. Nice dig. :smiley:

I had a bike once that was made to look like Burt Reynold’s Trans-Am in “Smokey and the Bandit.” But I think I already told you all that.

Wasn’t Sally Field a hottie back then? Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with her now.

(Sorry, but this thread has already been hijacked more times than a pack of Western journalists in Beirut circa 1977, and I felt I needed to contribute.)

So, what’s everybody’s favorite flavor of Jelly Bellys?

Come to think of it, are the flavor names the same in Holland?