Coldplay v. Duran Duran

and begin…



I’m picking Duran Duran. More later.

Coldplay are very bland to me.

Duran Duran, on the other hand, not only released some great funk-influenced New Romantic pop but also put out art pop in the form of Arcadia and some decent rock under The Power Station. Ties to Chic, Robert Palmer, David Gilmour, Herbie Hancock, Carlos Alomar…

Has Coldplay ever even come close?

I like Coldplay, but no contest, historically.

Odd comparison. They’re very different styles of music from different decades.

Same here. And Coldplay didn’t spawn an SDMB meme which I believe was

Rio, by Duran Duran.
(Coincidentally, I just watched Barbarella again tonight)

I thought Duran Duran v. Depeche Mode wouldn’t be as interesting a comparison. Maybe Duran Duran v. The Doors?

Duran Duran.

Because I’m not female or gay.

Duran Duran.

Even if it were Duran vs Spandau, I’d pick Duran Duran.

Duran Duran, because of the “Girls on Film” videoclip.

Duran Duran by a long way, but if Coldplay continue to release great albums like Viva La Vida, they’ll close the gap a bit.

Heh. There was a time where either or both of those qualities would absolutely qualify you as a Duran Duran fan in the eyes of people that liked “real rock music”…

I though it was “Girls On Pills”??

“girls on pills, its a quaalude, girls on pills…”

Can I vote “Neither”?

I remember a brief time, circa 1984, when you could be either a Duran Duran fan *or *a Dire Straits fan. For some reason, the two groups were seen as mortal enemies.

I was in the latter group.

If Duran Duran break up completely this year, and Coldplay continue on, then we can revisit this poll again in 19 years when they have roughly equivalent years and bodies of work to compare. Since Duran Duran aren’t breaking up this year, just performed at Lovebox yesterday and are probably going to self-release their next album in the fall, it’s moot.

Know how you know Astorian is gay?

He likes Coldplay.

Duran Duran! I was a gestating foetus when Rio came out, but I really don’t even mean this in any sort of hip, ironic, trucker hat wearing sense - they made fantastic pop music. I can’t really summon up any sort of emotion for Coldplay at all.

(Point of trivia: the best band name in the world is Duran Duran Duran. They make drill & bass songs called things like “Homicidal Drug Rage” and “Huffin Crazy Shit With James Brown Asshole”. You’re welcome, tell your friends).

Dire Straits were great as well.

This really really should be Duran vs Spandau. Back in the early 80s when I was a fully paid up member of the Duran Duran fanclub - really - (it’s okay, my true identity on this board will never be revealed), it was practically illegal to like Spandau Ballet as well.

This crime was so feared that when I recently went to the Spandau revival gig, (it’s okay, my true identity on this board will never be revealed), I hardly knew any of the songs.