Colfire Not a warning part ii

When I posted Part i, I promised myself to not sign on again for 24 hours. The thread was locked, so I’ll post here.

Coldfire, it was my feeling that you were hiding behind your moderator status to get away with flaming another poster.

You later state that your objection is that this was a highjack. Can we clarify what constitutes one? When people post rants, they have always been subject to having the rant rated as good or bad, valid or invalid. In all the threads I have read on this board, I have not seen one person ever accused of highjacking a rant by critiquing its validity. If you have done that elsewhere, we can learn from that thread if you will it out to us. But I have never seen a person accused of a highjack by delivering an opinion directly related to the validity of a rant. Not one. Ever.

If you object to the tone of the response, I can appreciate that and learn from it. However, forgive my asking, as I have never seen you warn someone about highjacking a rant in the Pit by critiquing its validity. In fact, I’ve seen threads included in “Threadspotting” specifically because they were highjacks. In the interest of not breaking the rules, what are the precedents?

Now, on to a closely related matter. I have not seen the person who posts here under the name margin ever warned about anything. That includes posting flames in Cafe Society threads. The flames were reported, and no action taken.

Also, she was never told she was fucking annoying for posting
a series

of posts



cites although

the cites

she demanded

had already



And if that is not annoying – and if that is not trolling – what is?

Lynn did say to “margin,” “if they didn’t get it the first time, they’re not gonna get it when you repeat it.” Which margin responded to by making another demand for a cite.

But there is more to it than that. From a friend I’ve learned that the person who posts as margin is the same person who posts on the Ms. Magazine board under the name ginmar (get it?) They have the same e-mail address. (And we know that margin is a member of the Ms. board, because she said Oh, and you were quite the presence at Ms. this summer, too, Shodan. Margin also slipped up when she admitted she knew a poster here who didn’t know her as “margin” but knew her under her “ginmar” name.)

Perusing her posts there is interesting in that she has discussed many of the works that, on this board, she claimed to not know about or to need cites for. In other words, her constant demands for cites were trolls.

Also, on this board, she claimed that feminists whose work was thirty years ago were not relevent. On that board, she quotes and cites many of those selfsame feminists from thirty years ago to buttress her arguments. Trolling?

On that board, “ginmar” says, “For the record, I think men get raised to be rapists in this culture.” Later, she adds “Bad stuff doesn’t ‘happen’ to women. Men do bad things to them, get slapped on the wrist, because ‘she asked for it’ and get set free to do it again.”

Someone replies that they find such stereotypes offensive, adding that it “implies all or most men are rapists. Beyond that, I think it is counterproductive to feminism and humanism to distort reality in such a sexist manner. Strategically, it can only hurt feminism to use to such extremes in language and implication.” To this, “ginmar” responds: “Yeah, the poor men, who let rapists get away, who minimize the crime of rape, who sympathize with the defedants, who stigmatize the victims, who then get called on it!” (Anyone who has read “margin’s” posts should be feeling a sense of deja vu, both in terms of sentiment and phrasing.)

She continues on: “Men occupy all the positions of power, make up the majority of rich peopel, make the laws and decide which get enforced. If peaceful relations between the sexes aren’t possible, you can place the blame squarely on men.”
"Margin" denies demonizing men, but when a poster on that board objects to anti-male stereotypes, “ginmar” objects to any defense of men and replies, “How come your concern is for men, on a feminist board?”

"Margin" appears to be a Ms.-board-member troll whose primary aim on this board is to disrupt any discussion she does not like. To that end, she trolls for emotional responses while refusing to actually discuss the issues, thus derailing the discussion. I have learned that she and at least one other person posting here helped launch an attack on a different board to disrupt discussion there.

While I understand your need to get this out, I (as a newbie, regardless of when I joined, mind you) really feel this would get a better response from Coldfire if it was in an email. Especially since the first one was locked.

Just an observation. Lotsa people getting banned lately. Kudos on waiting 24 hours though. That is difficult.

I’ll leave others to discuss the more factual points of this, I don’t feel myself able to do so in such a through manner as you did.


Seems like theres been a full moon the past few weeks.

I don’t predict a happy ending for this thread.

OK, I’m confused. What did you post that Margin demanded cites for. Could you link to your original post, and your cites for it?

Sorry if it’s included in the links you’ve given, but the board’s very slow and going through all your links is taking too long.

I think I will be happy…

Shit…for once I agree with you Desmo.


My god! Will this saga never end?

Andy - it wasn’t your cite that was annoying, it was how you were mean to the OP for no reason. The OP was clearly less than dead serious, and you should have responded in kind, posting your cite and acknowledging that the OP was joking. “I know you are joking, but… cite”.

Instead, you attacked the OP. That was the annoying part.
On the other issues, you do have some good points about anti-male problems in this country. And yes, margin is completely unwilling to even consider it.

You just have to ignore her, because there is pretty much no chance she will ever consider anything that is a problem for males to be worth trying to solve.

However, you may be getting an illusion that your points are more perfectly correct than they are, because of the extremity of the wrongness of your opposition. Just because your opposition is extremely wrong does not make you extremely right. There are lots of ways you could narrow your arguments so as not to seem like you are accusing all feminists of anything.

This would likely not get you any more approval from those who are unwilling to even consider your points. But at least you would know that you were being fair, if that matters to you.

This thread is a very very good idea, and it will enjoy a long and productive life.

And the rest of the time, you’re wrong. :wink:

Sometimes I find it beneficial to log off the computer, walk outside, take a deep breath and say to myself…

It’s just a message board

Seriously, you’re letting this upset you way too much. I’m telling you, log off, spend some time with friends and family. Go see a movie.

And remember: you’ve never met margin (I’m assuming), you never will meet margin (again, assuming) she will always remain an anonymous poster on a message board.

Hardly worth all the stress and anger this is obviously causing you.

Not until someone gets banned.
It will end in tears!!!

Now I’m a newbie, but even I can see that S.A.L. is skating on thin ice.

I think this whole thing should be put in perspective.

As earlier suggested, just relax.

It’ll be a shame to see such a good screen name ending up unused.

Oh, for fuck’s sake. I’ll post later in more detail, but in short:[ul][li]I’m not going to read up on someone’s posting history on another fucking message board to determine whether they can stay here or not.[]Calling someone a troll should be done per e-mail, not in a thread. Consider yourself warned for that, Satisfying Andy Licious.[]When a moderator closes a thread, don’t open up a new one about the same subject. Consider yourself warned, SAL.[/ul]So, that’s two warnings in one go.[/li]
I’ll post in detail later. Meanwhile, y’all have fun playing with young Andy here.

In defence of Coldfire, I believe you’re expecting far too much from the carefully and, presumably, scientifically selected group, known and loved by the collective sobriquet of “Moderators” or “Mods”.

No matter how much care is taken to select an elite group, you invariably end up with a group that is not noticeably superior in any way to a group that you may have decided, instead, to select at random.

That is to say, no matter which method you choose, the quality of the group’s members can be expected to run the full gamut from the absolutely superb (eg: xash) to the absolutely abysmal (eg: your pick for worst Mod).

(BTW you spelled his name wrong).

The wisest course is to let an abysmal Mod run riot, and eventually the Mod of all Mods, or the GodMod will feel impelled to step in and either reduce the offending Mod to the ranks or cashier him or her.

Careful, sport, there’s a new rule:


I declare this horse dead. Dead and buried and sadly not forgotten. Further flogging will prove fruitless and only get you hot, sweaty and cross.

Two out of three ain’t bad.