College Football's Scandalicious Off-Season

So let’s see we have Jim Tressel lying to the NCAA and his bosses which may lead to his quitting…but I doubt it.

Then there is the Fiesta Bowl money scandal whcih could lead to the Fiesta Bowl being kicked out of the BCS.

And, finally, tonight on HBO Real Sports there will be a report about how Auburn football players recieved thousands of dollars from boosters.

I am guessing USC is going to have company during “time-out”.

I haven’t had a chance to follow the Fiesta Bowl bit. Could someone give me the Cliff’s Notes on this? I’m guessing this is the opportunity for the Cotton Bowl to become one of the major bowls again. I expected that the opening of Jerry World would have given the Cotton Bowl a 5th bowl for the BCS, plus the BCS-CG, but perhaps not…

Nevermind- I just saw the Fiesta Bowl thread.

I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop on Auburn. After what happened to Reggie Bush’s Heisman and NC, it just feels inevitable, even 2-3 years down the road.

As for Ohio State, I’m surprised Tressel hasn’t been “asked” to resign. Especially in regards to the cover-up and the Sugar Bowl.

Sounds like the Fiesta Bowl will stay BCS. The articles seem to say “Don’t do it again”.

You have to think that they are just waiting for 9 months to pass. The NCAA will be happy when everyone gets back to bitching about the BCS instead of lingering on these ongoing scandals.

ETA, you forgot to mention that so called recruiter who tried to get A&M to pay $80,000 for Patrick Peterson to go there. The recruiter said that it would take in the eighty thousand dollar range considering the offers on the table. Peterson went to LSU and claims not to have any contact with the recruiter.