"College Plans Reporting Service" from the National Merit people

I opened up my mailbox today to a letter from the National Merit people talking about their “College Plans Reporting Service (CPRS).” You designate two schools for them to “recommend” you to, as well as a prospective college major and career choice. Note that the ‘commended’ and ‘semi-finalist’ listings don’t come out until fall–I’m assuming of the 50,000 people getting this letter, 16,000 become Semi-finalists and the remaining 34,000 become Commended. My selection index from taking the test earlier this year punts me firmly into the semi-finalist category, so with that in mind:

What do I do with this thing? The Ivies and such probably couldn’t give a hoot about this ‘recommendation,’ as I’m sure they’ll get thousands of them. So should I be recommended to my safety school(s), hoping they’ll use the opportunity to offer a fat scholarship; or maybe my most-selective non-ivy picks, Johns Hopkins? Ideas, comments, anybody?