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Advice on creating a good resume for a college student looking to get his first internship? I dont know what I can put on there to make myself stand out, I’m looking to get my first experience in the field of finance but don’t necessarily have any qualifications other than the classes ive been taking. Advice?

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My university has a career resources department that’s extremely anxious to help students write resumes and find internships and jobs. I’m sure your college has something like that. It’s your best bet for a place to start.

College resources as mentioned above are a great start.

Outside of that, you have to include anything you have done.

Any work experience (even in unrelated fields), any clubs/organizations (especially if related). Any areas of leadership (officer in a club or organization). Volunteer work (Habitat for Humanity, Reading to elementary classes, Mentoring young people, etc.)

Basically you want to show the person reading the resume what things you have done. They know you have not likely been working in the field or have tons of experience and that indeed you are trying to build experience, but they want to see if they feel you will show up on time every day and have a great attitude and work hard not only to help them but to grow yourself.

The resume gets you noticed and gives the interviewer something to begin discussion, but then you have to be able to explain why your background makes you uniquely qualified to do a great job for them.

I’ve hired lots of interns, mostly grad students. They came from twp sources. First, our company’s college recruiters produced a list of candidates for internships. Check with your college’s placement office if employers are looking for interns, and how to contact them. We were looking for high GPAs at least.
More useful to me is that I had connections with some professors with grad students, and I asked the professors to recommend some for an internship. If you did particularly well in a finance class, go and talk to the professor and see if he or she knows anyone in industry.
Third search for internship opportunities, and try to contact the hiring manager or HR directly. Send your resume after - this way they are expecting it, and you stand out, and you are not wasting your time if they have no openings.
This all assumes your resume will stand out. If you’ve been slacking off and have a 3.0 on easy classes, (not saying you have) none of this will help.
But the same thing will happen when you look for a job after graduation, so getting scared now might be good for you.