College students..i got a question!

Where is the best place to buy textbooks online?

Dunno about the best, but I’ve heard good things about .

I have used once before, and I was very pleased. is also sort of useful, because it lets you compare prices among a few vendors. I’ve also used the old standbys and Amazon, which can be cheaper if you’re willing to buy your textbook one edition ago.

I’ve had good luck using, with one exception - I ordered a full textbook from some guy and received only an answer booklet. He denied it, but I believe I could have gotten a full refund from had I acted sooner and not been so lazy.

Moral: Don’t be lazy.

Buy from, preferably the books that I’ve been trying to sell for the past 8 months! :slight_smile:

Y’know, I never bought any used books online.

Some things just strike me as bad voodoo.

I still don’t trust the wireless internet I’m using right this moment.

stares suspiciously at the antenna sticking out of his computer

I’ve had good experiences with myself. The one thing I’d take note of is if you know you need a book during the first week or two of class, be cautious when it comes to shipping. Most people are good about shipping things with all due speed and most things arrive quickly, but it can take up to a month to arrive if you use media mail. (I ordered five texts off – I believe four arrived within 10 days, but the fifth took over three weeks. This was also in the time before sellers could provide alternate shipping options, if I remember correctly.)

At any rate, good luck with college!