does a tasteful musical rape joke

Not your average cover of “Summer nights” from Grease.

Oh, okay, whether it’s actually funny or not is debatable, but this is definitely worth a watch.

And I laughed at the end.

what the hell is wrong with you that you think ANYTHING about rape can be funny. WTF "**tasteful rape joke"

madrabbitwoman, I’m sorry for upsetting you.

I assume you’ve not watched the video - it starts off as a cover of “summer nights” by Grease, but the guys react with shock and disgust when Kenickie sings “Did she put up a fight?”

By the end of a video, he’s basically admitted to them that he’s a rapist and they quite rightly beat the shit out of him.

The joke’s on the rapist, not the victim.

Picture Porky Pig raping Elmer Fudd.

Did you even watch the video? Or did you just get on a moral high horse to screech at everyone?

A for effort, C for execution.

Heh. Glad I’m not the only person who’s ever gone WTF over that line. :smiley:

(It was smile funny, not lol funny. But yes, funny.)

I have to echo this. The video was pretty amusing, and send the right message (rape someone and your buddies will kick the shit out of you).

It’s about on par with the rest of the collegehumor offerings… low brow, decent production quality, more or less amusing.

I doubt she did, no - she met a rapist last year, so I triggered her with my post, and hope she’s doing okay out there {madrabbitwoman}.

A+ for the girl playing Frenchie, D- for Sandy and Danny.

Whew, glad I risked sharing it :wink:

Hey!! Elmer was askin for it!!

I’m afraid I had the same reaction as madrabbitwoman when I saw the title, but I watched the clip, and . . . that was funny as hell. Good for Danny!