Colloquial (British) English dictionary?

Does anybody here know if something like it exists on or ofline? I always find myself searching for words friends of mine use, but often I dont ask because I get the meaning but not the EXACT meaning. Anyways, later on I remember the word and try looking it up. To no avail.

By the way… “blag” anybody?


Here you go:

By the way, “blag” means two different things; either to “sweet talk” someone to get something (i.e. “I blagged some free tickets”) or alternatively robbery (i.e. “I did the blag at the bank”).

mattk you are my new hero.
Thanx :slight_smile:

try this one too - it’s Aussie but it includes a fair amount of slang

Hey that’s my uni!
Cool! :slight_smile: