Colonoscopy prep stuff: reactions?

Yes, I’ve had the worst two weeks of my entire life (medically speaking). First a nose operation a couple of weeks ago, then during my two days of lounging around doing nothing post-op managed to prolapse a disc necessitating an ambulance ride and another stay in hospital. :frowning:

Attending my GP a few days after that to get a repeat pain-meds prescription, mentioned that I was due for a review colonoscopy so he duly wrote me out a referral. So I rang them the next day to make an appointment, which lo and behold, they had one two days hence. Pretty unheard of to get one so quickly, but who am I to look an anal probe in the mouth?

Now I’ve had a previous colonoscopy and had no problems whatsoever. But this time was a whole 'nother kettle of fish. Swigged the first dose of Picoprep, no dramas. Fifteen minutes after the second dose, became violently ill with some pretty impressive projectile vomiting.

Then I had to down another two litres of some other muck…never finished it because continued nausea and further loud chundering every half hour or so meant for a damned miserable night. Throw in some horrid stomach cramping (not bowel) and I was ready to call for a euthanasia team right there! Managed to get enough stuff into my system to clear the plumbing adequately for the procedure though, thank OG.

And I still feel vaguely queasy with continued lower abdominal pain. It’s a shit of a thing, I tell ya! :smiley:

I’m curious as to why the reaction. The stuff doesn’t taste that bad, and I’d stopped the pain-meds already so any possible interactions shouldn’t have occurred.

What have been your experiences with colonoscopy preparations?

I’ve had two colonscopies and my wife’s had one. Neither of us have had a reaction that bad.

My guess would be even though you had stopped the pain meds, they had still left your digestive tract in rough enough shape that the prep was just one damn thing too much for you.

I’ve heard of people throwing up bowel prep, so you’re not alone.

I wonder - and this is semi-educated WAGging here - if the painkillers had slowed your bowel transit, as they are wont to do, and your bowel prep didn’t move on through quite as quickly as it was designed to. Since the action of bowel prep is to slurp excess water into your bowel (it’s got lots of solutes, your gut is “trying” to dilute it), maybe it started doing that while it was still in your stomach, and filled it with fluid that triggered nausea and vomiting.

Sounds really unpleasant. Glad you cleaned out enough to do the colonoscopy. Would have been a damn shame to have to do a repeat!

Nope. No way, no how. Never. I’d rather fast for a WEEK than go through that again thankyewverymuch. :smiley:

But your WAG sounds pretty decent, semi-educated or not. Given that I had no problems the first time I had a colonoscopy, the only thing different would be the recent admin of painkillers. I will definitely keep that in mind for any future gastro investigations, that’s fer’ sure.

(Slight aside, does anybody else get the spellcheck thingy underlining colonoscopy??)

Unless you are a freak, that isn’t where it goes … :eek::smiley:

I refuse to do any of the chemical bowel preps - they leave me shitting for a week and even with constantly drinking basic water seriously dehydrated which screws me up worse. I have a deal with my doctors that I will do diet modification to empty out and end with enemas. I have one coming up [heh] in a month or so [in combination with an upper GI check, my doc says they will probably do them both at the same time. Just what I need, a pair of scopes racing to meet in the middle of my digestive tract.:dubious::rolleyes:]

Yes, it seems that I can’t spell colonoscopy either. Nor thankyewverymuch, nor spellcheck nor thingy nor admin nor gastro. But my spellcheck nanny seems perfectly happy with fer’, that’s fer sure.

I will try that next time (looks like I’m up for regular ones from hereon in…as in every two years, but I’m sure I won’t forget the pain from this one!)

You poor bastard. :frowning:

How strange! :wink: