Color range on HDTVs?

What is the color gamut on HDTVs? I was under the impression that 16.7 million colors was “good enough for the human eye” But after reading some reviews about LaserVue technology it seems HDTVs do not have the full color gamut humans can see. So whats the dope on this.

It’s not physically possible to produce colors that cover the entire visible gamut with only three color channels (normally red, green, and blue). Here is the CIE chromaticity diagram. With three color elements, you get to pick any three points on that diagram, and the colors that you will be able to represent will be inside the triangle that the three points make. Note that, since you’re viewing this on a monitor and because the image uses RGB values to store the colors, the colors on the diagram on and near the outer edge are only approximations.

Furthermore, the colors that you can create don’t necessarily have the same spectral properties as the original input. The colors you produce will be metamers (colors that appear equivalent to the human eye) to the original colors.

Wikipedia has a great page on color vision.