Colorado is burning

Has all of Glenwood Springs been evacuated? We have friends who live there, and all the phones are down.

I can’t imagine what it’s been like for them. The Storm King Mountain fire wasn’t all that long ago! And it missed their house by YARDS.

Good luck everyone, please stay safe.

For the most part, people in Glenwood Springs have gone home. There’s about 200 people still evacuated. This was/is in a very similar area to where the Storm King Mountain fire was. I hope your friends are all right and that their house wasn’t one of the ones that burned.

Thanks for that first site, techchick68. My sister hasn’t responded yet, but it looks like Woodland Park proper is OK.

For now…:frowning:

Wow, Loaded Dog, that’s not the advice I would’ve expected. I’m not questioning your veracity–you sound like you really know what you’re talking about–but could you provide a cite that might shed more light on this?

Here ya go, Hoops.

Here are some more Australian bushfire (US=brushfire) safety links which may be of use in the Colorado situation:

Bushfire Safety Homepage

Bushfire Safety from the Australian state of Victoria.

Rural Fire Service Resources from Queensland.

Bushfire Readiness Checklist from New South Wales.