Colorado Technical University

Is this place a total scam? I made the mistake of letting a resume writing service give them my contact info. Yes, they asked for permission and I said yes. They have called me several times asking for financial information. Every time they call me, it is from a different area code, none of which are in Colorado. At one point they called me from a local number (I’m in Maine :confused:) and said I couldn’t enroll unless I gave them my SSN.

May not be a total scam, but it is a “for profit” school. Your best interests may not line up with theirs.

Here’s a link to a Consumer Reports pageabout the school.

Hello. I live in Colorado and am familiar with the institution. It is most definitely on the level and not a scam. CTU (or Colorado Technical College as it was originally called) was founded in Colorado Springs in 1965 as a technical college for individuals departing military service. As you may or may not be aware, Colorado Springs is the seat of the Air Force Academy and attracts a number of residents who have served in the military. It was a logical place to put such an institution.

Shortly before the turn of the century, they expanded from a vocational college to university status and gained their accreditation. Although the emphasis is still on technical disciplines, they also offer degrees in business and health sciences, among others. I work for a chemical manufacturer and we employ a fair amount of graduates from CTU. If you pursue and obtain a degree from CTU, you have gotten an actual education, not just a diploma.

Why do they want your social security number? I think that’s par for the course with most institutions and is, in fact, federal law if you are applying for any kind of financial aid. Keeping your records filed under your social security number eliminates the possibility of someone else with your same or a similar name from using your educational records for their own purposes. It acts as what is termed a unique identifier and protects both the university and yourself from fraudulent use of your identity and educational records.

Are you sure about that? The first college I went to had my social security number. I ended up getting bills for somebody else’s loans because the financial aid office mixed me up with someone who had the same name as me. That was an absolute nightmare to fix.

Alas, even the best of laws and/or regulations cannot protect us from human error.

Seriously, though, sorry you had that experience. It can be a real nightmare and I hope they did the right thing and straightened it out for you.

But yes, technically that is the reason for the use of the SS #.

And on a secondary note to my original post, after reading the link provided by yanceylebeef…

I spoke to a couple of my fellow employees who are grads of CTU and asked them about their financial experience with the school. Both agreed it was pricey, but both had grants that covered the bulk of it so their post-graduation burdens aren’t bad. Both of them attended classes at a brick and mortar establishment - one in the Springs, one at their extension location here in Denver - so they couldn’t speak to the online experience as being either good or bad.

Both of them said they would attend again and felt they’d gotten value from the school.

Sincerely hope this helps and good luck to you.