I am wasting my money on my BA degree

The CSU I attend is local, which makes it possible for me to work and go to school. It’s a CSU though, so it’s not really an education worth the money I’m spending on it.

For proof I submit a quote from an email I received from an instructor today:

“…give you a heads up on this assignment because you only have 5 weeks of class with me and it is not alot of time to find and complete the project.”


I think college is largely what you make of it. I went to good, private post-secondary schools, and I had the odd shitty professor.

yes, I’ve had some good ones too. But how can you be a college professor and not know that alot is not a word?

it just irks me.

How much does a CSU cost for a year these days?

I went to a community college when it was like $5 a credit. Awesome.

Is this person an English professor?

it works out to about $600 per 3 unit class

no, but so what? I’m assuming she had to PASS at least one english class to get her degrees.

or it could just be a typo

If you want to be a college dropout instead of a high school graduate, it’s not hard to find an excuse.

Dude - not to be snarky, I really feel for those trying to do school around a job. It’s like the worst of all worlds. If you can swing being a full time student and work part time, you’ll probably get a whole lot more out of the experience. Being an impoverished student with a lot of other impoverished students seems to be a lot better to me. At least, that’s what I did. YMMV

Maybe her thumb skipped over the spacebar. It happens.

The guy who teaches AutoCAD at our CC is notorious for his atrocious spelling. He’s a gread CAD instructor though.

I know lots of people who got good educations in the CSU system, and who are successful in their careers. Don’t let a prof with poor grammar (or maybe just poor typing skills) irk you so much.

I never said anything about looking for an excuse, and I am working part time and going to school full time.

huh, I admit I’m surprised that here in the pit the most common response is meh.

That was sorta my point.

Crappy spelling can be found anywhere. It’s certainly not exclusive to the CCs, nor is it any worse there than anywhere else.

That said, I’m not sure what else the problem is with the email giving a student a heads-up on a project.
Incomplete info.

no, that was the problem. I guess I’m the only one bothered by it though.

Alot Of Time think human race is degenerate now. Alot Of Time go home now.

Well, I suspect this teacher could teach you a thing or two about capital letters and those thingys they put at the end of sentences…

Time will tell.

Perhaps you can amuse us with your detailed valuation of your education at this particular school over the course of your particular career, since you seem so comfortable that you are overpaying for it.

I am particularly interested in how you value personal factors, such as “go-get-it-ness”. Personally, so far in this thread, I have mixed data on you in that regard. On the plus side, you seem to be a grammar-perfectionist. On the minus side, you are at what you seem to consider a second-rate CSU.

Because they got their degree from a CSU?

Wait a minute. One of your professors used “alot” in an email and that has you questioning the value of you going to college at all? You may want to re-evaluate how you make decisions about your life choices.

Please mark me down for a “meh,” a “get the fuck over it,” a “shut the fuck up,” a “get back to work,” and two helpings of “WTF.” Thank you.

Don’t hate because your professor can afford a Blackberry and send emails from the washroom and you can’t.