Colored people is now a slur?

From NY Daily News:

Try as I might I cannot see for the life of me see the difference between colored people and people of color. You change the order of the words and suddenly it’s racist? Is this really the case?

CP was what the melanin-proficient were called in the 50s. You know, the time of separate bathrooms and Jim Crow. PoC is the current PC term. I am not sure the status of African-American, except that Idris Elba doesn’t like being called that :slight_smile:

As far as I know, colored is considered rude and waaay behind the times but it could be racist if used by someone under, say, 60 years of age(WAG).

I think they had graduated from Colored People to Negroes by the 1950s, no?

Wouldn’t that be "melanin-abundant? Proficient means they’re really good at it.

I think Colored was still used in the 1950s. I think the best explanation for the difference between “Colored” and “People of Color” is that the first reminds too many people of the pre-civil rights era United States and therefore should be avoided, while “People of Color” is post-civil rights era and maybe a little more inclusive. I’ve heard it used to describe all people that aren’t Caucausian.

There’s a trend nowadays in some circles for what’s called “person-first terminology”. It applies to all sorts of descriptors, not just race: Thus, for instance, one is supposed to say “person with autism”, instead of “autistic person”. The purported rationale for it is that leading off with the adjective is supposedly dehumanizing, while person-first terminology affirms that the person is first and foremost a person. In practice, though, the person-first terminology is often awkward enough that it serves only to draw attention to the qualifier.

Yeah, but crackers don’t know that 'cuz they done dropped out of middle school.

So white is racist but person of white isn’t?

I made it all the way through Middle School-- both 4th and 5th grades!

You know, I was thinking the Idris Elba joke would get the notice, but noooooo

…Maybe I am talking about the efficiency of their melanocytes. Yes. Clearly. :smiley:

What, that he’s not American?


begs to differ.

The NAACP was also founded in 1909 when colored person was far more common and not necessarily derogatory. Were the organization founded today, I am skeptical it would be the NAACP.

I am 27 and referring to someone as colored or a colored person is associated with the elderly and the racist to me. I would be aghast to hear someone use it in regular conversation.

Hahahaha so funny using an actual racial slur in thread asking if something’s a racial slur. But it’s okay because it’s against white people. Sorry, persons of lack of color.

The only person I knew who used the term colored people was my grandmother. She got excused because she was born in 1900.

Take it from a person of non-27-ness, wait a year and what you now know will be racist.

No. Nobody said anything that would lead a reasonable person to conclude that. It’s an unreasonable conclusion.

Let me know if you need anything else.

How could it not be more clear?

Saying “white person” is dehumanizing. It should be “person of whiteness” except that is obviously colorist.

How could it not be more clear?

Well, it could be phrased like that question, I suppose.