Coloring Leather Furniture

I just bought some a used 3 piece leather furniture set for cheap from a co-worker. The problem is that it is white and looks very ugly in my living room. Does anyone know of a way to color the leather cheaply without creating other problems? I’ve thought of shoe polish, but I’m afraid that it would get on a person’s clothes if they sat down on it.

Any ideas?

You’ll want to use leather dye.

I had a friend who was a Hollywood Costume designer who said the secret to dyeing leather and getting a consistant color was to wash it with acetone first. Can’t vouch for it my self cause I never tried.

Here is another site offering leather recoloring kits for furniture, seat covers, jackets, etc. You can even match the original color, if you want. The kit has stuff the other site didn’t supply, like crack repair compound.