Is there a way to change the color of a leather chair?

I got a new Italian leather chair. I got it for free. Someone in my neighborhood just set it out on a sidewalk with a “Please Take Me” sign. It’s a great chair. A little low slung but I planted it in front of the tv. The only bad thing is that it is a heidous green color.

Is there any way I could change it to black?

You can use a leather dye product, such as this one. I’ve dyed leather previously, and it’s not difficult, though it can be messy.

Well that makes sense. Thanks.
This may be difficult without a gararge.

That’s what sidewalks are for!

You probably won’t be happy with the results.

For starters, it’s messy as all heck. Wear latex gloves or you’ll have black fingers for a week. Also, be prepared to have black dye rubbing off the chair and onto you for months after you’ve dyed it.

Depending on what finish is on the leather, the new dye may not penetrate well and be blotchy. This is not uncommon if there’s any silicone on or in the leather. And silicone is fairly common in upholstery leather for stain repelling.

So, Krylon?

I can’t do this on the sidewalk as someone else will pick up the chair and walk off with it. Especially if it is not Army Man Green. I do have an area in the back of my building that I could use but I don’t want black dye coming off the chair. Maybe it will stay green. I just won’t light up the room very much.

If you can’t fix it and the color still bothers you, a good interior decorator trick to hide a big thing that is an ugly color is to incorporate that ugly color in little ways elsewhere. It sounds counterproductive, but it really works. If you get some curtains or a throw pillow or something that incorporates that color as an accent (say, a floral print that has that color leaves) the unwanted color will be a lot less noticeable.