Colorized Historical Photos Slideshow

This is pretty neat!

It’s amazing the difference a bit of colour makes - they really seem to come to life. Thanks for sharing.

I wonder who was the American soldier who was staring down Himmler, and if he survived the war.

Thanks for sharing that.

Unlikely to be an American if, as the caption reads, it was taken in 1941.

The picture is in the US National Archives collection and it’s described as ‘Heinrich Himmler inspects a prisoner of war camp in Russia, circa 1940-1941’:

It really is amazing how much a difference the color makes. It feels like the images have a more visceral impact. Even though our rational minds can look at black and white photos and recognize and understand what’s going on in them, they still feel like another time and another place and the people are characters, in a way. Change these photos to color and the characters transform into PEOPLE - real people who are so much like us and those we know.

The photo of the farmer and family devastated by drought in Oklahoma really hit me because I saw how YOUNG the farmer looked, with a young family and ruined livelihood. I could actually feel the shock and despair and having no idea what the hell to do.