Columbia Professor Wishes Death Upon U.S. Troops,0,2015886.story?coll=nyc-topheadlines-right

I hardly know what to say. He’s beyond a jerk, that’s for sure.

They had a ‘teach-in’ at Columbia? How pathetically 60’s.

The extreme logical end of the anti-war position rears its ugly head. It’s assholes like this that give the rest of them a bad name.

This is really sad. :frowning: By the way, what is a “teach-in”?

What a tool. And I believe ‘teach-ins’ (not 100% on this) were activities where kids and professors would take over a class room and lecture to each other about whatever the hell it was they were protesting.

Egad. :rolleyes: So I guess that if “patriotic American = Imperialist”, and if he probably wouldn’t consider himself an imperialist, then that must mean that he wouldn’t consider himself a patriotic American?

Who he is and where he’s coming from–the Deep And Murky Groves of Academe.

That’s no more true than saying that the “logical end” of the pro-war position is “Let’s shoot all the towel-heads and steal their oil.” This professor is a major-league nutsack. Even the other faculty at the teach-in called him an idiot. Don’t mistake his viewpoints as representative of the majority of anti-war sentiments in the US.

This guy is the extreme end, to be sure, but logical? I don’t see any logic in anything he’s espousing. I don’t how how you could claim that he’s the logical end of anything.

I may be against this war for many reasons, but this asshole was way the fuck out of line for what he said.

Hey first simulpost! Thanks Miller! :smiley:

“a million Mogadishus?”

Man, this guy really hates Somalis…

Racist fuck…

It’s sad that a moron like this, and a tiny minority of the anti-war side (“Let’s vomit our protest!”), damage the credibility of the anti-war movement altogether.

Man, what an asshole.

I think I’ll leave this fuckwicket a very polite message on his answering machine tomorrow morning thanking him for wishing death on my father.


What I’ve been impressed with is WCBS880, the CBS AM station’s coverage of this sort of insanity. They clearly can’t ignore it, it’s good news-fodder… but for this, and for the previous dead-in and so forth, they always have someone interviewed that says, “I’m against this war, but I support our troops, I don’t like what the president is doing.” The rational, calm, and reasonable version of it. In this case, they added, “I don’t agree with what he said, but he certainly has the right to say it.” I like that I’ve not heard media-side calls to light the bugger on fire. He’s an idjit, but a harmless one. I think he’s also an Afrocentrist.

This guy is an asshole, but it would be grossly unfair and inaccurate to tar the positions of the sensible antiwar protestors with the ravings of this jackass just as it would be unfair to tar my pro-war position with the garbage spewed by Ann Coulter.

You beat me to it Gobear.
I was just saying this asshole DeGenova is to the left what Ann Coulter is to the right.

Just another whiney assed academic hippy shithead without a worthy opinion. Why do I care?

Does it frighten anyone else that this guy is actually a teacher at a college? Have the standards fallen that low?

While I think his way of expressing himself makes him look stupid, I do believe universities should represent a wide range of viewpoints. When I was an undergrad, figuring college would introduce to amazing never-before-seen things, professors like this one (but not lunatics) were the most helpful because they presented new angles and didn’t make me feel I had gone through everything presented before. I hope no one here objects to someone with an extreme or idiosyncratic viewpoint teaching in a university.


I se your point. But this guy had to know how this would look, right? A college teacher should know how to express his views without making himself look stupid, or seeming like he’s trolling. Maybe a backlash was what he was hoping for?