oh, my foul language is so awful, but dying brown people are just fine & dandy!

ok, this has got to be the stupidest dumbass rule you fucking shitbag asswhores can come up with… i can fucking swear all the fucking fuck i want, apparently, in this one forum, where people come just for the sake of venting…
yet i slip in an “eff-word” in another forum, in a thread about about the senselessness of violence & death of all things, and i get warnings and all that.

and happy fucking white people appreciation day to you all as well, btw. go britain, and lets wave one of the most recognizable symbols of colonialism & slavery loud and proud, so all the brown people are sure to take note of it, in memory of the unfortunate few palies who bought it for once in this giant, earth-encompassing culture-war so many seem intent on fighting out to the end.

nevermind the darkies who died today, or yesterday, or the day before, or tomorrow for that matter. they dojn’t count, most of them aren’t even christians! (gasp!)

fuck fuck ass bullshit, etc.

This will only end in tears.

Hysterical much?

And hows about a link of some sort, champ.

BTW, I believe you to be full of shit, and a cock biting ass nugget based solely on the OP of this thread.

Foul language is not per se prohibited in other forums. As SkipMagic said in the other thread here in the pit, you were warned for insulting other posters, which is prohibited in other forums.

That said. Man, you need to take a break till you cool down.

LOL - nothing like a good old-fashioned hysterical rant for a Friday morning laugh. I salute you sir!

TYM, you seem to know what the fuck he is talking about. Can you throw us a link?

There’s a time and place for everything, and the BBQ Pit is the place for this, not MPSIMS.

You’re right that there’s an element of hypocrisy here, but it’s on both sides.

And the best model to fight colonialism is Mahatma Gandhi’s model, not Osama Bin Laden’s.

So I’d be happy to wave a flag for the innocent victims of yesterday’s bombing – just as I’d be happy to wave a flag for innocent victims of violence anywhere.

FWIW, I would imagine you were warned more because of the “fuck all of you you fucking hypocrites” part, not merely the F-bomb. IOW, it was because of the insult.

Thanks, and happy fucking Iraqi people appreciation month to you in return.



Here’s the third time I’ve said it in as many threads, bob_loblaw:

You were warned for insulting other posters and being a jerk, not for using foul language. (Although swearing in MPSIMS does tend to be a hint of troubles to come, it’s not disallowed.)

You were then warned again when you came back in the same thread to argue with me about it and dish out more of the same. After the first warning you should have taken a step back and calmed down a bit; what you got in return for your efforts was an open door to suspension, not banning.

Is it hard to type with that huge chip on your shoulder, Bob?

Oh poor poor pitiful me. I’m a victim! I’m a victim! I am so more advanced because I mourn the whole human race and I’ve done so since I was 14 and I pay more attention to the world than other people and now I’m in trouble just because I so fucking sensitive!
I’ve could have told you bob_oblaw, the world was never ment for one as beautiful, no wait, FULL OF SHIT, as you.


Is the OP trying to equate violent, untimely death due to the deliberate action of terrorists with, I dunno, death largely by natural causes/disease/accident?

It might interest you to know that London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities on this earth and brown people live there. So do black people. So do white people. So do people of every people-colour you care to mention.

If all of the dead people in London yesterday were white, I’ll haul my white arse - beg bardon - my palie ass over to your house and you can kick it from now till the day you find a clue.

Thanks TYM

It’s refreshing to see that, no matter how big an asshole I can be, there is always somebody who shows just how high the bar can be.

Thank you, bob_loblaw. I’m feeling much better about myself now. :rolleyes:

So, let me get this straight…

you should get a pass on the rules because…
you’re the one person on this board that is going to stand up for the brown non-Christians?

Do I have it right?

That’s *exactly * the kind of attitude we would expect from you.

bob_loblaw, I can tell you’re going to be very, um, “diverting” during your stay with us.

Count me in, too. Let’s take a look at this list of missing people…

Yup, sounds like a regular all-white lineup. Bob-loblaw, you’re a fuckwit.

Am I the only one finding it ironic that bob’s location is listed as the centre of the universe?