Column for 03/27/2009

Today’s column:

I’m not seeing the illustration by Slug. What’s up with that?

Yeah, earlier I saw an advert plopped right on top of where Slug’s illustration normally is.

Every time I’ve called up the page the graphic has been in its proper place on the far right hand side.

I should mention that attaching the graphic is usually about the last thing I do so you might try refreshing the page – it’s possible you’re getting a cached page from earlier in the cycle.

I hit refresh. I’m still getting an ad. I’ll try again later.

I see only an ad in Firefox, in IE (ugh) I see the picture above an ad.

I get the illustration with IE.

I just looked at the page on Mac Firefox side by side with the same page on Safari. Slug appeared on the latter, but not the former.

I tried it with a computer which has not been on for a week, and it does not show any advert, any illustration, nothing (in Firefox).

Finally located where my husband put Internet Explorer on the computer and tried it - Slug’s illustration does NOT appear in Firefox but it does appear in IE.

I was using Firefox initially when I didn’t see Slug’s illustration. I can see it in Internet Explorer, but refreshing Firefox doesn’t reveal the picture. Cleared the cache, too. Still no pic, but on edit I do note that I see the caption of the picture in a box on the main page, without a picture.


If you have a cached version of the page, it’s possible that just clicking Refresh or hitting F5 isn’t doing it.

Try Ctrl-F5.

If that doesn’t do it, you may need to clear your temporary internet files, then restore your browser. (How to clear cache in IE7)

Try it now. I was looking at it in Chrome and it displayed fine but Chrome seems to be a little more forgiving than some other browsers. The graphic was not coded correctly this week – this has been fixed – and everyone should see the graphic in every browser.

NOW it’s showing up in Firefox for me.

It works perfectly now, thanks!

Lovers* of Slug’s art who use Firefox thank you profusely!

*I think that should be plural. There must be more than just me.

There’s at least two of us (reference the thread in ATMB about t-shirts).



The Slugster forever!!