"Combo" Bluetooth Headset?

I’ve Googled some but the wording seems clunky to me, and I’m getting no useful hits. I seek a Bluetooth headset that can be used by more than one device and accept inputs at the same time.

I sit at the laptop working. The phone rings, and I use the bluetooth headset. Is it possible to have my music from the laptop sent by bluetooth to the same headset? Of course, stereo headset would be preferable.

Has anyone found one that can be used actively by more than one source at once?


I know it’s possible, because when I first hooked up my phone to my computer via Bluetooth, I had some setting wrong and the next thing I tried to do on my computer, the sound was coming through my headset. Freaked me right out.

How you’d do it on purpose, I have no idea. I think I had to tell my computer to not connect to any Bluetooth devices but my phone to make it stop.