Comcast/Xfinity email does not offer whitelist for not-spam

So all of my Amazon confirmation emails go into my Spam folder (if it isn’t clear, I use the native Comcast email front end). According to research, Comcast offers no relief for this situation in the form of a whitelist for email to keep it out of the Spam bucket. The recommendations are to click the “Not Spam” button on the email, which I have done about a hundred times and it has no effect; and to call their help line that is specific for this issue, which I have not done, having read several horror stories about how they are unwilling/unable to actually help. So I have a couple of questions. By the way, other Amazon emails, such as shipping notifications, come through to my In box without any problem; these come from different addresses.

  1. This is Amazon, for Og’s sake. Is there some feud between Comcast and Amazon that would account for this weird Spam categorization?

  2. I suspect I know the answer to this, but would using a different email front end program help with this at all?

3). Why does Comcast have this arrangement, where I can’t whitelist senders for my own email?

It’s a bad idea to get email via an ISP address as sooner or later you will move–and then you would have dozens to hundreds of people and businesses to notify that they need to change their records–and some of them won’t.

Get GMail from Google or Outlook from Microsoft or…

I thought Outlook was just a front end for whatever mail delivery service one uses?

Changing my email to another system seems like a major upheaval to fix what is in the end only a relatively minor annoyance. I was more interested in the bigger picture questions that I asked.

It’s a pain in the ass to change, but worth it. I recently changed to Gmail from a local ISP address I had when I changed from DSL to Xfinity. I use Gmail for important accounts, and my new Xfinity email address for accounts I don’t care about. So if I change from Xfinity to a different ISP, I won’t bother changing anything connected to my dag_otto@comcast address.

It could be worse–Verizon does not even offer email.
Some days that is better than the Comcast offering.

It seems unlikely, but on that platform does filtering pick up mail before it gets sent to spam? If it does you could at least set up a subfolder for Amazon orders.

Otherwise… not worth it just for this, but if you do feel the motivation to make the migration to Google, their spam filtering is uncannily accurate and the service is flawless. So far as I’m concerned, the sooner our benevolent Google and Amazon overlords take over running the entire infrastructure of the planet the better.