Come get your ass kissed by aha!!

aha will now start kissing asses! Line forms to the left. Come one come all! :smiley:

I’m first! Pucker up buddy! :slight_smile:

I would kiss it now B_line12 but I believe I will wait till the posting to this thread is done… then just kiss some collective ass.

By the way pass me that chapstick.

Pucker up.

::presenting posterier::

At least it’s a shapely one Aha.
Here’s some chapstick.

Lay one on each cheek, big guy. :smiley:

Here’s some lipstick, aha. I want visible proof.

He’s going to be needing a lot of chapstick if Cecil dont show up :smiley:

No ass kissing required… but how about a little spankin!! :slight_smile:

Shhhh! Listen everyone… was that the sound of beltbuckles hitting the floor? This may turn out to be entertaining after all!

I’ve been a bit blue lately (no, NOT literally) and could use a bit of a pick-me-up. Kiss my ass, aha.

Oh, aha!!! I’d like a little lip action on my nether regions.
Bent over in Saskatchewan
P.S. Please ignore my sig when you pucker up.

Bring it on aha! Oh, and please don’t ignore my sig…especially for this occasion. :smiley:

We will alow you to kiss the right cheek.

The left cheek is too good for you.

Damn, all day at work I was thinking. “aha should kiss everyones ass the brown-nosing suck up.”
I see B_line12 beat me to it. Well, aha kiss my ass!

Pucker up here, aha :slight_smile: You don’t have to be sincere, just effusive!

I wore “I (heart) aha” pasties & jumped out of a cake for your 1000th post, and you didn’t say anything on the board (got the email, but you didn’t thank me publicly.) I’ve bumped your Cecil thread twice now.

You’d better kiss my ass now, pally. :slight_smile:

“Pucker up, Buttercup.” - Ed Rooney, Principal, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Ohhhh sorry cristi!!! I guess I was so absorbed in kissing Cecil’s ass I forgot to kiss yours!!

I apologize!!!

Now backer on up here causing I am puckered!!

Go ahead, aha. Pucker up. I’m waiting.

Considering I offered you hot, steamy sex when you asked for it, I think the least you could do is repay in kind. Kiss me, aha. Kiss my ass, kiss my kneepits, kiss anything you want. Just do me, baby!