Come join the Memeing Tillions poker club!

New leaderboard for 2021 is up at

After two tourneys, manson has a pretty good lead on the field. Nothing that I can’t whittle away in 1 or 2 more games, though :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m just getting lucky.

New tournament tonight. A good way to de-stress from this week’s news cycle. Come have some fun and play some cards! Pot Limit Omaha tonight, if that’s your thing.

Can’t believe it’s Wednesday again. Time seems to just be flying by. Speaking of time, it’s time for another No Limit Hold 'Em tournament. It’s getting pretty exciting, the more people who join the more fun it gets.

Come and relax for a couple hours. You can drink while playing (not that I do that!) and enjoy even more!

Another Friday night poker tournament! Tonight is 6+ Hold 'Em, which (looking it up really quickly) turns out to be regular Hold 'Em, but there are no 2,3,4 or 5 cards. I’m not sure if the hand rankings are changing, come to the game and find out! See you there!

Pretty slow news day today. Can’t wait until 8 PM Eastern to start a Poker Tournament to bring some excitement to the day. If you too were bored because of the complete lack of anything interesting happening in the world today, join the tournament tonight! No Limit Texas Hold 'Em! No limit to the amount of fun! Texas, because everything is big in Texas. Hold 'Em because you have to know when to do that (Kenny Rogers told me)

See you tonight!

Tonight is Omaha Hi-Lo Pot Limit! I have no idea what that is or how to play it! Come play and enjoy an idiot (me) making a fool of himself :slight_smile:

Seriously though, fun times at the poker table. If you are interested, come take a look, stay for a hand or two. No pressure, maybe you’ll enjoy it after a slow week.

Poker Poker Poker! NL Texas Hold 'Em tournament tonight if anyone is interested. Come on, you know you have nothing better to do! :slight_smile: Probably should get a tournament in before the new President bans all poker sites (I saw it on OANN!)

We had a fun game a few nights ago!

Not too late to join us, if you’ve been considering it. Definitely still need more players! All the info is at the top of the thread.

Hope to see some new players!

There was a good hand - AA vs AA. I ended up getting a flush and winning. Biggest suck-out I’ve seen in our tournaments! You too can lose based solely on random cards! :slight_smile:

(formerly manson1972)

Whoa … what made you decide to change your name? Your avatar changed too, I thought some rando hijacked the thread at first.

Current event news reports. Not something I can support via username/avatar.

Ah, good on you. Admittedly, I don’t follow celebrity news much, but it’d be ironic if you have to change this name too if something similar happens with Slash in the future.

As for me, I’m glad an inanimate Golden Gun can’t get involved in scandals :slightly_smiling_face:

It pains me too, however, I’ve had that name since 2004 I think. It was a long run. I can deal with theatrics and the like, but not actually hurting people. As far as I know, Slash hasn’t done anything untoward towards women.

In any event, this is a poker thread. Trying to get people to play poker on HUMP DAY! it’s actually pretty fun! Come and watch Sara drop River-bomb bets while while she constantly denies that she ever does that! Come see for yourself!

There is something…comforting about having your aces cracked by aces :grin:

maybe, but I did feel bad, even though I won :slight_smile:

Already 6 people registered! Come on, people!

Fusion poker tonight! It has elements of Hold’ Em and Omaha. Here is a link that explains it better than I ever could. Come and give it a try, just for something fun to do!!

Another No Limit Hold’em tournament at 8 PM Eastern Time tonight! If you’re exhausted from following the impeachment trial, what better way to unwind than to enjoy some light banter with friends, drink at your own leisure, and getting out-lucked by Slash1972 and SlackerInc in a game of cards? See you there!

Somebody seems bitter…


Come join us tonight at 9:30 Eastern Time for some 6-card Omaha. What is 6-card Omaha you ask? Well, it is like 4-card Omaha only more so. So tonight is the perfect chance for you to beat TheGunisMightierThanThePen’s 4 of a kind with a straight flush.

That seems difficult. Can I just suck out a flush on AA vs AA?